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Law Enforcement
Belkasoft products are designed with law enforcement customers in mind, and used by police departments and law enforcement facilities worldwide.
  • Forensically sound solution
  • Industry-standard compliance (EnCase, FTK, X-Ways, DD, SMART as well as VMWare, Virtual PC)
  • Reports can be presented in court
  • Blazing fast operation
  • Data carving finds hidden and destroyed evidence
  • Licenses instantly transferrable between PCs
Military and Intelligence
Belkasoft products are trusted by military branches and intelligence agencies all over the world. Usable in the field, the suite is blazing fast and easy to operate.
  • Usable in the field
  • Initial forensic analysis completes in minutes
  • Thorough operation and evidence carving
  • Portable edition: plug and launch on
    any PC
  • Easy to learn, simple to operate
Belkasoft helped many businesses prevent security breaches, discover fraud and theft of intellectual property, and combat employee misconduct.
  • Discovers more evidence than competition
  • Analyzes emails, documents, system files, Internet communications and more
  • Prevent IP theft, combat fraud and employee misconduct
  • Thorough analysis discovers hidden
    and destroyed evidence
  • Simple by design; feasible for single incidents
  • Clean and concise reports can be presented as court evidence

Jul 27, 2015
New article published: NAS Forensics Explained.

Jul 13, 2015
Evidence Center 2015 v.7.3 is out! What's new?


Jun 17, 2015
New article published: Future of Mobile Forensics.


Sep 24-25, 2014, Karlsruhe, Germany
Belkasoft participates in Forensic Technology Preview Day as an exhibitor and presenter.

Oct 1, 2014, Ede, the Netherlands
Belkasoft participates in DE Day as an exhibitor and presenter.

Oct 19-21, 2014, Prague, Czech
Belkasoft participates in Lawtech Europe Congress as an exhibitor and presenter.


I bought Belkasoft Evidence Center one year ago because I had a case where I found pieces of incriminated Skype and ICQ-Messages. But I could not get a readable text with my forensic tools and I could not get the sender and receivers.

Running Belkasoft Evidence Center I found round about 1200 chat partners. 350 of these chat partners transferred child pornography. A little girl shown on some pictures could be freed. The operation is still running and with each new version from Belkasoft Evidence Center I can find new chat partners, because the suspicious deleted and destroyed many of the information on his computers.

Since this first success I use Belkasoft Evidence Center in each case and it speeds up my work and if I have time I take older cases and run Belkasoft Evidence Center to learn and maybe I will find something new.

And by the way I enjoy the friendly, helpful contacts to Yuri and his team.
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Franz FOTR, Court Expert, Austria

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