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William Aycock, VeriFi Lab: 'Belkasoft is one of my go-to tools and this is why...'

BELKASOFT X platform

consists of a set of tightly integrated software products for digital forensics, corporate incident investigations, effective triage and forensically sound remote data acquisition.

Acquire, examine, and analyze evidence from mobile, computer and cloud storage


Acquire data from remote computer and mobile devices in a forensically sound way

Perform effective triage analysis of Windows devices right on the incident scene

Efficiently investigate hacking attempts of Windows computers


Belkasoft Evidence Center—fast and easily manageable software for locating and analyzing digital evidence

I have been a Computer Forensic Expert for more than six years and do most of my orders are for the Hungarian Police, for the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA), and for different Court Houses in Hungary. In case of works done for the Hungarian Police I always use Belkasoft Evidence Center, as it provides great help in examining seized computers. During my work I highly benefit from using this fast and easily manageable software as it helps in exploring the contacts of offenders and the victims, as well as their total communication on the internet. Throughout the six years of my personal experience as a forensic examiner, I have tried many forensic tools, but I find that it's Belkasoft Evidence Center that can help find crucial data for the investigation and verification processes in the fastest and the most effective way.

Lakatos Tamas, Computer Forensic Expert, Hungary



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April 2022

Belkasoft Triage T v.1.2 is released!

The new Belkasoft Triage T release is focused on getting administrative rights in the event you are logged in as a non-privileged user.

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March 2022

Belkasoft X 1.12 is here!

Belkasoft announces the release of v.1.12 of Belkasoft X. The new version introduces such major improvements, as a massive update of file-based decryption, Semantics 21 integration, new powerful eDiscovery features, SQLite forensics improvements, new and updated artifacts for mobile and computer sources, and even more features. Find the full list of improvements here.

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May 2022

Career Path–The Choice is Yours

Here in the DFIR or cybersecurity community, we are commonly faced with two career path options: spend twenty years building an excellent reputation and gain crucial experience to be a valuable customer consultant, or get off mom’s couch long

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May 2022

Where in the world were John McAfee and An0nymous? A tell-tale sign from EXIF data

How could someone determine detailed location information along with date and time from a simple picture posted on social media? Behold the power of the Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) which is a standard that defines additional information

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