Belkasoft Evidence Center: Trusted by Thousands of Experts around the Globe
Belkasoft Evidence Center - all-in-one forensic solution for digital investigations, used by customers in Law Enforcement, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Forensic laboratories, and Corporations worldwide to fight online and offline crime.
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What's New in the Latest Version
Belkasoft Evidence Center is frequently updated with new features or enhancements of existing ones. In version 7.4: new convenient overview window, added filters, evidence search improvements, new artifacts supported, including Outlook 2013 and various Windows 10 artifacts. Besides, new feature was was added: fast hash-set analysis. Download now to trial the latest version free.
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Evidence Center - Powerful and Easy to Use
Despite the product's multiple features and powerful capabilities , it is designed in such a way that you can start working with it without time-consuming and costly special training. Here is a tutorial video to help you get started:
I highly recommend this great tool in any Forensic examiners arsenal of tools!
My Agency has been using Belkasoft Evidence Center for 2 years now. The software is a powerful robust Forensic tool with all the built in features needed for a thorough examination for computers and cell phone images. The software lays the data out nicely so you can easily conduct a productive analysis that saves you lots of time in comparison to other tools I have used. I recently used Belkasoft for a computer intrusion case, and was able to discover many items of evidence that assisted me in revealing the intruded intercepting the communication. I highly recommend this great tool in any Forensic examiners arsenal of tools.
David Shelton, Chief Forensic Examiner at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC in Greensboro, NC USA
Running Evidence Center speeds up my work
I bought Belkasoft Evidence Center one year ago because I had a case where I found pieces of incriminated Skype and ICQ-Messages, but I could not get a readable text with my forensic tools and I could not get the sender and receivers. Running Belkasoft Evidence Center I found round about 1200 chat partners, 350 of these chat partners transferred child pornography.A little girl shown on some pictures could be freed...Since this first success, I use Belkasoft Evidence Center in each case, and it speeds up my work. If I have time I take older cases and run Belkasoft Evidence Center to learn if I can find something new.
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Franz FOTR, Court Expert, Austria
Belkasoft Evidence Center - fast and easily manageable software for locating and analyzing digital evidence
I have been a Computer Forensic Expert for more than six years and do most of my orders are for the Hungarian Police, for the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA), and for different Court Houses in Hungary. In case of works done for the Hungarian Police I always use Belkasoft Evidence Center, as it provides great help in examining seized computers. During my work I highly benefit from using this fast and easily manageable software as it helps in exploring the contacts of offenders and the victims, as well as their total communication on the internet. Throughout the six years of my personal experience as a forensic examiner, I have tried many forensic tools, but I find that it's Belkasoft Evidence Center that can help find crucial data for the investigation and verification processes in the fastest and the most effective way.
Lakatos Tamas, Computer Forensic Expert, Hungary
Evidence Center 2016
Your Forensic Tool of Choice
Irreplaceable for Law Enforcement, Military and Intelligence, Business Security
All-in-One Forensic Tool
Belkasoft Evidence Center finds and analyzes about 700 types of forensically important artifacts in any imaginable datasources: physical and logical drives, disk images, mobile device backups, virtual machines, memory dumps, and many others.
Simple & Powerful
Belkasoft Evidence Center is designed with forensic experts and investigators in mind: it automatically performs multiple tasks without requiring your presence, allowing you to speed up the investigation; at the same time, the product has convenient interface, making it a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for data extraction, search, and analysis.
Works Out of the Box
A wide array of features is available to you immediately after the installation. Working with Evidence Center requires no special training and is as easy as 1-2-3: add a device or image to your case, select types of data to search for, and analyze found results!
Advanced Low Level Expertise
While Belkasoft Evidence Center focuses on automating most of the investigators' routine, it also has powerful features for low-level analysis, allowing for sound and thorough inspection of suspects' devices. Built-in Hex Viewer, SQLite Viewer, Registry Viewer will help you locate even more hidden and deleted evidence.
Clean and Concise Reports, Accepted by Courts
  • Easy to create: Reports can be created from any part of the interface in just a few clicks.
  • Adjustable: You can configure your report in many ways from choosing a font to selecting types of evidence to include.
  • Multiple formats: Choose any format you want or have to use and quickly export your findings to present them in a court.
Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide
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