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Our Resellers

North America

Digital Intelligence is our reseller in USA. Digital Intelligence is the industry recognized leader in the field of Digital Forensic hardware and systems.  Additionally, they offer training on a wide range of topics and forensic software as well as a full array of forensic services and eDiscovery support.

PATCtech is our reseller in USA. PATCtech is a division of Public Agency Training Council, the largest privately owned law enforcement training and services company in the United States. PATCtech is the certification authority for one of the largest vendor independent mobile forensics certifications in the United States and the training provider for the Belkasoft Evidence Center User certification, along with many other courses in digital forensics.

Sumuri is our reseller and authorized training partner in USA and Canada.

Maw & Associates is our reseller in Canada and USA. Maw & Associates provides consultation, digital forensics analysis, litigation support and expert witness services to attorneys, corporations, private investigators, and small businesses for civil and criminal litigations.

mh-Service GmbH is our reseller in Germany. mh-Service is the leading provider and manufacturer for IT-Forensic goods in Germany. The company is not dealing the German-speaking countries only, it also got partners all around the world. mh-Service company produces the TreCorder (a portable imaging and analyzing device with 3 integrated writeblockers), and forensic- Workstations, Servers, and offers the whole range of products in the forensic Hard- and Software area (most of them are exclusively sold by mh-Service GmbH). mh-Service GmbH has also some frame contracts with the German Republic as well as foreign countries, where it is possible to buy most of the products without the need of a tender. The company also offers trainings for its software in German and services like forensic acquisitions and analysis.

Die mh-Service GmbH ist der fuehrende Anbieter und Hersteller fuer IT-Forensik in Deutschland. Ausserdem ist sie nicht nur taetig im Deutschsprachigen Ausland sondern auch International durch verschiedene Partnerfirmen. Von dieser Firma wird der TreCorder (ein portabler Beweissicherungs- sowie Analyse PC mit 3 Schreibschutzblockern), forensische- Workstations, Server gefertigt und so gut wie jede forensische Hard- und Software Loesungen (wobei viele nur ausschliesslich von der mh-Service GmbH bezogen werden koennen) angeboten. Es besteht auch ein Rahmenvertrag zwischen der mh-Service GmbH und allen Bundesbehoerden womit man viele Produkte auch ohne Ausschreibung beziehen kann. Desweiteren bieten sie Schulungen fuer Softwareprodukte und Dienstleistungen wie, IT-Beweissicherungen und Laboranalysen.

Mediarecovery is our reseller in Poland. Based in Poland, Katowice, Mediarecovery is the computer forensic leader on the Polish market. The company has the biggest specialized computer forensic laboratory in this part of Europe. Mediarecovery provides computer forensic, data recovery and password decryption products sales.

Avatu is our reseller in United Kingdom. The company is the largest independent supplier of specialist computer forensic tools in the UK. Covering a wide range of digital devices including PC’s, laptops, PDA’s and phones, Data Duplication stocks a comprehensive range of hardware and software to enable examiners to capture data and analyse it in a forensically sound environment. Working closely with many of the largest companies in digital forensics the company provides a full after sales service on hardware and ongoing training on most software products.

Digital Forensics Kft is our reseller in Hungary.

Group-IB is our reseller in Russia. Group-IB is the first and leading company in Russian Federation specialized in computer crime (e-crime, hi-tech crime, electronic crime, cybercrime) investigation, digital forensic and security incident response. The company offers services in Computer crime investigation, Digital forensics, Security incident response, etc. Since 2009 Group-IB provides for a wide range of Information Security Services (ISS) to satisfy current needs of its customers.
  Forensic Technologies, Inc. is our reseller in Russia.

Alt Technology is our reseller in Russia. The company offers solutions that provide in-time detection of confidential information leakage within the internal corporate environment and industrial espionage incidents. Alt Technology is supplying and implementing data acquisition and analysis systems for the companies' security departments, crime laboratories and law-enforcement authorities.

DataExpert is a value-added reseller of software and hardware for investigative services in the public and private sector. Territory coverage includes The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg as well as the Antilles. DataExpert also offers additional services such as consultancy, support and training. This involves providing solutions from the world's leading vendors.
SICenter is our reseller in Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. SICenter activities are focused on next generation technologies and services including: communications, information security, monitoring, education and forensics.
Insectra Technology Services is our reseller in Spain. The company is a Technology Company that delivers a wide range of Products and Services to customers in Europe, the Middle East and the Americas. Insectra is specialized in Information Security Products and Services, in particular in areas such as: Privileged Identity Management, Sensitive Document Sharing, Log Management, Computer Forensics.
Enigmasec is our reseller in Spain, based on Canary Islands they easily reach North African regions as well as Cape Verde islands, focusing on Cybersecurity services including pentesting analysis and digital forensics.

Enigmasec es nuestro distribuidor en España, ubicados en el archipiélago Canario muy cerca de sus vecinos de la región Norte Africana, incluyendo Cabo Verde, su enfoque de actividades se centra en servicios de Ciberseguridad, incluyendo pentesting junto al análisis forense digital.
TRACIP is our reseller in France. As the leading Data Recovery & Digital Investigation Laboratory in France since 1994, TRACIP brings its strong experience in the Computer Forensic field to advise, equip and train Law Enforcement, Corporations, Attorneys and Computer Forensic experts. From securing the evidence to editing a report while analyzing deeply the information from many types of suspect Medias, TRACIP will provide you with the whole range of tools and the necessary knowledge to cover a full Computer Forensic examination efficiently.

TRACIP est née de l'expérience d'une équipe d'ingénieurs informatiques spécialisés dans l'investigation de supports numériques. Utilisant quotidiennement les principaux outils d’investigation, nos spécialistes ont naturellement été amenés à tester les nouveaux outils, conseiller les utilisateurs et devenir les distributeurs et les formateurs en France des principales technologies d’investigation informatique et numérique. TRACIP est ainsi en mesure d'apporter son savoir-faire et son expérience à tous ceux qui doivent diriger ou procéder à des investigations numériques, de manière ponctuelle ou régulière. En plus de services d’expertise de supports numériques, nous proposons le conseil, les équipements, la formation et l'assistance nécessaires à la création ou au développement d’une cellule d'investigation. Que vous soyez enquêteur, avocat, DRH, DSI ou Responsable Compliance, vous trouverez chez TRACIP la ou les solutions les plus adaptées à votre situation.

4N6 & Forensicshop is our reseller in Italy. 4N6 has been established in 2013 in Northern Italy and is reseller of many manufacturers in the computer forensics and digital forensics industry such as forensic software, forensic hardware, forensic workstations, forensic duplicators, forensic write blockers, mobile forensic hardware. 4N6 also offers additional services such as consultancy, support and training.

INsig2 is our reseller in ex-Yugoslavia countries. INsig2, Croatian company founded in 2004, has two main focus in the field of digital forensics; conducting a variety of forensics courses and setting up digital forensics laboratories.

Since 2008, INsig2 has its own educational center with high quality capacity to conduct a variety of forensics courses. This education program has included principles and methodology of digital forensics, a legal perspective of working with digital evidences as well as the use of hardware and software forensic tools manufactured by the world’s leading vendors, with whom INsig2 has established partnerships, which enables us to provide specific vendor trainings. INsig2 extensive experience in designing, equipping and setting up digital forensics laboratories for different government agencies and the police. In the line with the client’s budget and requirements,

INsig2 will deliver and set up all the equipment and software, prepare the project and technical documentation and prepare instructions on equipment usage and maintenance.

Risk Analysis Consultants is a reseller in Czech Republic. The company offers information security and digital forensics professional services, technical solutions and products.

Nextis is a reseller in Czech Republic. The company is the supplier and partner of choice for digital forensics hardware and software throughout Czech Republic. The company offers services to government, law enforcement agencies and to the corporate sector.

Asia & Middle East

H-11 Digital Forensics Company, LLC is our reseller in USA, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mexico. H-11 Digital Forensics provides global computer forensic services, cell phone/mobile device exploitation, vendor certified training, expert witness testimony, and associated forensic hardware/software products offering comprehensive solutions from a single source. Company clients include law firms, private businesses, major universities, law enforcement organizations, and e-discovery firms. Additionally, the company is a Veteran Owned Small Business and have contracting engagements with the US Government. H-11 have provided products and training to government agencies, law enforcement organizations and corporate security sectors in the United States, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Middle East and Europe.

Kumanan PC Net, Inc. is our reseller in Japan. The company has developed own data recovery technology WinDiskRescue and supplies it all over Japan. Kumanan PC Net is also engaged in the development and sales of the data recovery devices. Company offers device installing and technical training service to the police and government organizations and assists Japanese law enforcement with the digital forensics.

Bounga Solusi Informatika is our reseller in Indonesia. Based in Bandung, Indonesia, Bounga Solusi Informatika is a leading solutions provider for software and IT infrastructures development, forensics, and distributed/mobile systems in the region.

Beijing Computer Forensic Service Center is our reseller in China.

Meiya Pico is our reseller in China. The company is the leading digital forensic and information security product and service provider in China. Established in 1999, Meiya Pico has 18 offices across China mainland with over 410 employees. The headquarter is located in Xiamen,Fujian province. It is a public company since 2011, which has been developing own hardware and software products for digital investigations and information security protection.

Beijing Information Security Technology Corp. Ltd. is our reseller in China. Beijing Information Security Technology Co., Ltd., provide Computer Forensics Services and Computer Forensics Laboratory Solutions for Chinese Government, such as Procuratorate, Police, Army, Customs, which related to Computer Forensics Cases Management, Evidence Gathering, Data Recovery, Password Crack, Data Analysis, Network Attack & Defense, Data Storage and Data Security.

Computer-Evidence is our reseller in Saudi Arabia. The company is established in 2006 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It is specialized in forensic computer hardware, software, services and training. C-E is the first company in GCC (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, and Oman) with dedicated experts in this domain. C-E is partner with number of well known companies world wide. Also it has its original products and contributions in several open source which have been used by wide range of firms and GSS defense and intelligence industry. C-E works to offer all forensic products to be under one selling for GCC countries.

China AnHua Infotech is our reseller in China. The company, founded in 2004, is dedicated to Computer Forensics and operates in China. Anhua Inforech serves for the major security bureaus and security departments in the country. It focuses on the work of science and research, technology import, product design, technical training, case service and lab building related to Computer Forensics. Its on-site Computer Investigation Cases, Huge Amounts of Data Analysis System, Laboratory Case Management System, Data Retrieval System, Network/Wireless Network Listening System, Cell Phone Information Investigation System and 4G Emergency Communication System, have been widely used in Public Security, Procuratorate, the Customers, Industry and Commerce, Tax, Securities and Enterprises.

EMT Elektronik is our authorized reseller in Turkey. The company provides state-of-the-art data/audio/video forensic products and solutions to public enterprises and private companies. EMT Elektronik is an ISO 9001 certified company, and has a technical service approved by Turkish Standard Institute. The company is the first and leading company in the field of computer forensic and authorized distributor/reseller of many market leader vendors in Turkey.

EMT Elektronik, Türkiye yetkili satıcımızdır. Kamu kurumlarına ve özel şirketlere en gelişmiş veri/ses/video adli bilişim ürünlerini ve çözümlerini temin etmektedir. EMT Elektronik ISO 9001 sertifikasına sahip olup, Türk Standartları Enstitüsü tarafından onaylı teknik servisi bulunmaktadır. Türkiye'de bilişim suçları alanında ilk ve lider firma olup, birçok pazar lideri üreticinin yetkili distribütörü ve satıcısıdır.

Contego Solutions is our authorized reseller in the Middle East. The company specializes in high technology fields of Digital Forensics, Data Centre Installation, Professional Services, and System Integration. Contego's clients include both government and private sectors in the Middle East/Africa, (MEA), and Asia Pacific, (APAC), regions. The company strategic vision is to position themselves as a provider for cutting-edge solutions and high-tech consultancy and services.

Software Sources is our reseller in Israel. Software Sources (in Hebrew: "Maagarey Tochna") is a major software product Distributor and Reseller, with more than 8,000 customers all over Israel. The firm, established in 1992, is located in Ra'anana (north of Tel-Aviv), in a rapidly growing hi-tech area. Over the years we have focused on distributing quality, brand name products in worldwide competitive prices, with personal and attentive service, which has become acknowledged nationally. Software Sources is specialize in working with law enforcement governmental organizations, academic institutes and hi-tech companies, as well as private customers. Software Sources is leading provider for forensic, investigation and security products.

מאגרי תוכנה היא המפיצה שלנו בישראל. החברה נוסדה בשנת 1992 ומושבה ברעננה. החברה מתמחה בייצוג חברות תוכנה בינלאומיות ובהפצת מוצריהן בישראל. כיום היא אחת מן החברות המובילות בארץ בתחום זה, ומייצגת עשרות חברות זרות לצורך הפצת מוצרי התוכנה שלהן בשוק הישראלי המקומי. מאגרי תוכנה משרתת בנאמנות מזה שנים את גורמי אכיפת החוק וארגוני הביטחון בישראל, את משרדי הממשלה השונים, מוסדות אקדמיים (אוניברסיטאות, מכללות ומוסדות חינוך אחרים), וכן את ענף ההיי-טק. מספר לקוחותיה של מאגרי תוכנה הינו כ-8,000 חברות וארגונים בישראל. שמה של מאגרי תוכנה עבר משך שנים מפה לאוזן, ללא צורך בפרסום יזום, וצבר מוניטין גבוה בקרב העוסקים בענף ההיי-טק והתוכנה, כחברה המספקת במהירות שיא כל תוכנה הנדרשת על ידי הלקוח, בין אם המדובר בתוכנה פופולארית ונפוצה ובין אם מדובר במוצר ספציפי וייחודי - בכל מקרה, ידוע כי הדרך המהירה והיעילה ביותר לרכוש תוכנות היום היא באמצעות פניה לחברה, אשר תספק את המוצר תוך זמן קצר ובמחיר תחרותי. החברה הינה מפיץ מוביל לפתרונות תוכנה בתחום החקירות והמודיעין.

South and Latin America

Apura is our reseller in Brazil. The company was founded by professionals with over 15 years experience in Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics. Apura has an elite technical team to help their customers with complex services in digital forensics and incident response, and deep know-how to resell and implement projects for international partners all over Latin America.

Fulcrum Management Pty Limited is our reseller in our reseller in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Fulcrum Management is the leading supplier of digital investigations (Computer Forensics) hardware, software and training in Australasia. The company represents more than 20 suppliers and have offices in Sydney and Singapore.

CBIT is our reseller in Australia. The company is the supplier and partner of choice for Digital Forensics hardware, software, training and consulting services throughout Australasia. The company has provided training and procurement services to government, law enforcement agencies and to the corporate sector.

Our partners

To recover Instant Messenger passwords, refer to the Elcomsoft forensic software Advanced IM Password Recovery. See also Elcomsoft offer for Belkasoft users.

For cell phone forensic investigations, refer to the Oxygen Forensic Suite. See also Oxygen offer for Belkasoft users.

Passware offers a complete decryption solution for computer forensics. Passware Kit Forensic recovers passwords for 200+ file types, decrypt Full Disk Encryption, supports iOS and Android. Please refer to Passware offer for Belkasoft users.

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