Wednesday, November 2nd

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automatically identify inappropriate media

Almost 58,000 children were sexually abused in the United States in 2020, according to the American SPCC. Additionally, thirty-five states reported 953 unique victims of sex trafficking. The combined solution in BelkaS21 was devised specifically for victim identification.


Jared Luebbert

Forensic Sales Engineer, Belkasoft

As a respected Digital Forensics Expert and Litigation Support Professional, Jared has years of experience performing digital forensic collection and analysis worldwide.

Kirsti Owens

Business Development Manager, Semantics 21

Kirsti is a veteran with 6+ years in the law enforcement community and the digital forensic industry.

Automatically identify and categorize CSAM, and find victims, using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) for filtering child sexual abuse images and videos.

During the upcoming webinar you will:

Learn to use the BelkaS21 product bundle that combines the capabilities from Belkasoft Evidence Center X and S21 LASERi-X software from Semantics 21.

Belkasoft helps you find and acquire virtually any media. Semantics 21 automates CSAM data analysis. Learn how to make the work process fast, effective and safe for your mental health with Belkasoft and Semantics 21.

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