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Belkasoft Evidence Center: an all-in-one forensic solution for digital investigations. Used by Law Enforcement, Government, Intelligence Agencies, Forensic laboratories, and Corporations worldwide, to fight online and offline crime.
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What's New in the Latest Version
Belkasoft Evidence Center is frequently updated with new features or enhancements of existing ones. In version 9.4: Keyword generation for password brute force attacks, fitness tracker analysis, cloud forensics update, gun detection using artificial neural networks and many more.
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What's New in v.9.4
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NEW! Belkasoft Evidence Center training cources!
Belkasoft offers two training courses designed to help you make the most of our forensic products. The courses are intended for digital forensics investigators of any level of expertise who want to improve their skills in computer, mobile, and cloud investigations and master their knowledge of Belkasoft Evidence Center.
The courses are delivered on-site or online.
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Evidence Center - Powerful and Easy to Use
Albeit, this tool has multiple features and powerful capabilities, it is designed, in such a way, that you can start working with it the moment it’s downloaded. And even though we highly recommend you consider taking our training so that you can take full advantage the sophisticated and deep diving tools within Evidence Center, if you need to start asap you can! If you can’t afford all that time-consuming and costly special training, relax, it isn’t necessary. Just follow this like to our tutorial video series to help you get started:
Evidence center allowed me to retrieve crucial information and photos for the investigations
I recently dealt with a case of international pedophilia and sexual violence. The investigation took several months due to the large amount of data present in the seized hard drives and the partitions encrypted of some hard drives. The powerful script tool present in Evidence Center has allowed to automate the repetitive search operations and a consequent considerable time saving at least for the basic operations.
Cosimo de Pinto, Freelance investigator, Rome
Belkasoft Evidence Center - fast and easily manageable software for locating and analyzing digital evidence
I have been a Computer Forensic Expert for more than six years and do most of my orders are for the Hungarian Police, for the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary (NTCA), and for different Court Houses in Hungary. In case of works done for the Hungarian Police I always use Belkasoft Evidence Center, as it provides great help in examining seized computers. During my work I highly benefit from using this fast and easily manageable software as it helps in exploring the contacts of offenders and the victims, as well as their total communication on the internet. Throughout the six years of my personal experience as a forensic examiner, I have tried many forensic tools, but I find that it's Belkasoft Evidence Center that can help find crucial data for the investigation and verification processes in the fastest and the most effective way.
Lakatos Tamas, Computer Forensic Expert, Hungary
Belkasoft Evidence Center saved my business
Your Evidence Center software has saved my business from ruins and helped me locate a rogue employee who was stealing vital information. I am so glad I chose Belkasoft for my IT Security and I would be without a job today if not for Belkasoft Evidence Center. Evidence Center from Belkasoft does 10 times to at least 100 times more than the next best similar software.
Thomas Mark Pullen IV, Pullen Commodities & Asset Acquisition Firm
For accuracy, in-depth details, GPS integration, and much more - choose Belkasoft
In my course I teach photo forensics, and I had a tough time picking between RedLight and Belkasoft, so I present students with both tools. Consistently students like RedLight for speed, but for accuracy, in-depth details, GPS integration and much more they choose Belkasoft every time as the best tool.
Prof. Harry Cooper, Utica College, USA
Belkasoft Evidence Center - fast and reliable software with great support.
We at Interesting Times Forensics work for Courts as well as corporate customers. Belkasoft Evidence Center has earned itself a fixed position in most of our forensic workflows because it helps us to find relevant information very fast and easily. Especially information about the suspect’s communication can be retrieved very efficiently. Even when we faced challenges in our investigations we experienced an extraordinary fast and competent support from Belkasoft that showed us that BEC is actively developed and we always felt backed up by the support. With BEC you can present the results of your investigation very easily (even to non-experts) without losing the connection between result and data source, which is very important when working in forensic examinations. We are very satisfied with BEC and look forward to the future - as we got to know Belkasoft the best is yet to come.
Heiko Rittelmeier, M.Sc. Digital Forensics, Germany
First let me say that the BEC version is a significant improvement in many ways.
Not only for memory management, but it also does a much better job of keeping the examiner informed and makes it easier for the examiner to find the data. It looks better and it works better. It has made my job a bit easier and faster. Thanks to all!
C.M. “Mike” Adams, Owner and Senior Forensics Examiner @ Prime Focus Forensics
The most important part of the experience for the students was the intuitive and automated processing of acquired digital evidence.
As a forensic analyst I like Belkasoft Evidence Center for its wide support of instant messaging clients and mobile phone artefacts including JTAG dumps. Combination of broad range of artefacts, ease of use, ability to export processed data to Belkasoft Reader for client’s review and helpful support makes BEC product of choice for many forensic practitioners.

From position of lecturer at university I had chance to introduce BEC to the students during Digital Forensics class. The most important part of the experience for the students was the intuitive and automated processing of acquired digital evidence. Students were introduced ultimately different approach for artefacts processing, as they could simply load Encase evidence file, choose artefacts types, they want to analyse and let the BEC do the difficult part of data processing and information interpretation. Automated processing altogether with simple to use user interface, allowed them to process and analyze non-trivial class assignments without any significant guidance and within limited time dedicated for hands-on exercises.
Jiri Holoska, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at University of Economics, Prague
This is probably the best toolkit on the market for comprehensive functionality.
We have been using the #Belkasoft Evidence Center Forensic Toolkit on our Certified Professional Training Courses in the #UAE (#Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and the UK) for 3 years now, and are now employing the new release of the 2018 Version of this excellent product. In our opinion, and the opinion of many of our delegates who have used this tool, this is probably the best toolkit on the market for comprehensive functionality, ease of use and overall ROI, and it is highly recommended.
John Walker, Professor, DF and Cyber Security Trainer, the UK
It really helps us to solve the hidden crime
I am a Cyber Forensic Professional. I'm using Belkasoft Evidence Centre for analyzing volatile memory. Belkasoft Ram Capturer is also good to capture the memory. And evidence center helps to easily finds the hidden artifacts. And best things is, it is divided the artifacts in category wise. This products of Belkasoft take the volatile memory analysis to the next level.
Thank you, Belkasoft Team, for this amazing product. It really helps us to solve the hidden crime.
Mossaraf Zaman Khan, GFSU, India
Not only it allows analysis of all the types of data that we look for on various devices, but it also comes at a very fair price.
Our company has been using software products from Belkasoft since 2011. Before that we were using 2 other forensic tools, but Belkasoft Evidence Center has proven to be more convenient and versatile. Not only it allows analysis of all the types of data that we look for on various devices, but it also comes at a very fair price. It has been pleasant to watch this product develop in a way to comply with the needs actual at the time. Belkasoft Evidence Center is easy to use and does not take long to get familiarized with. Reporting feature is very convenient, and the reports are absolutely valid to present in a court. Besides, it is very important that Belkasoft support is very attentive and helpful, dedicating a specific employee to handle your request. All these advantages make Belkasoft a competitive company on global level.
Tsvetomir Atanasov, Matrex EOOD, Bulgaria
Belkasoft Evidence Centre finds the most critical evidence quickly
I have done enough practical forensic investigations to know that u have to use Belkasoft Evidence Centre to validate one's findings if you are using any of the other forensic tools. Belkasoft Evidence Centre must be one of your main investigation forensic computer tools. If you are not using Belkasoft as your primary investigation tool then you can not do without it as a secondary validating forensic tool. You just can not afford not to use it as the other well-known forensic tools may have missed important evidence.

It is very easy and straightforward to use, all the hard programming work has already been completed in the software so you do not need to know a scripting language to use it extensively. However, it does cater for the very advanced users to write scripts for very particular and once off investigation tasks. Belkasoft Evidence Centre finds the most critical evidence quickly, to allow the examiner to get a quick overall picture of the investigation that needs to be undertaken, allowing the results to be used at preliminary investigation meetings to decide on the scope of the investigation. It can even be used during incident response. .
Vernon Pike, CA (Australia), B. Com, B.Compt(Hons), GCBA.
How Belkasoft Evidence Center helped me to succeed.
Recently, I worked on a case involving extorting loans over the internet. I had to examine several desktops and laptops in terms of the activity of their users on the Internet. The amount of information (artifacts) that writes the operating system to disk with such activity is huge. I had a hard and tedious work waiting for me to analyze the data and use a lot of different tools.

Due to the nature of the illegal activity, there was a suspicion that the data on the disk could have been removed or cleaned. So, the scope of the work was to recover deleted files and analyze them. In my research I had to include not only artifacts from web browsers.
Information from instant messengers, e-mails and documents could also prove important.

Having such a specific goal and the scope of the research, I could do all the necessary tasks manually using a dozen or so different tools. However, it would take me a very long time and would force me to spend many hours in the process of obtaining data for analysis.
Being an active user of the BEC software, I knew that BEC had all the functions I needed.

The data collection for analysis with BEC was limited to connecting the disk and selecting the elements that interested me. After finishing the work by BEC, I received an orderly set of data that I could browse, search and sort. I love working so efficient. And what is important in the work of computer forensics, BEC allowed me to export relevant data to the format that was me needed.

The use of BEC saved me many hours of tedious work, thanks to which I could focus on the result and not on the way to it. A job with such a powerful tool as BEC will be appreciated by anyone who has experienced the hardships of working with electronic proofs and Internet artefacts.

Krzysztof Bogucki, expert witness and forencis investigator, Poland
Running Evidence Center speeds up my work
I bought Belkasoft Evidence Center one year ago because I had a case where I found pieces of incriminated Skype and ICQ-Messages, but I could not get a readable text with my forensic tools and I could not get the sender and receivers. Running Belkasoft Evidence Center I found round about 1200 chat partners, 350 of these chat partners transferred child pornography.A little girl shown on some pictures could be freed...Since this first success, I use Belkasoft Evidence Center in each case, and it speeds up my work. If I have time I take older cases and run Belkasoft Evidence Center to learn if I can find something new.
Dipl. Ing. Dr. Franz FOTR, Court Expert, Austria
I highly recommend this great tool in any Forensic examiners arsenal of tools!
My Agency has been using Belkasoft Evidence Center for 2 years now. The software is a powerful robust Forensic tool with all the built in features needed for a thorough examination for computers and cell phone images. The software lays the data out nicely so you can easily conduct a productive analysis that saves you lots of time in comparison to other tools I have used. I recently used Belkasoft for a computer intrusion case, and was able to discover many items of evidence that assisted me in revealing the intruded intercepting the communication. I highly recommend this great tool in any Forensic examiners arsenal of tools.
David Shelton, Chief Forensic Examiner at Advanced Technology Investigations, LLC in Greensboro, NC USA
Evidence Center 2019
Your Forensic Tool of Choice
Irreplaceable for Law Enforcement, Military and Intelligence, Business Security
All-in-One Forensic Tool
All-in-One Forensic Tool
Belkasoft Evidence Center finds and analyzes more than 800 types of forensically important artifacts in any imaginable data sources: physical and logical drives, disk images, cloud, mobile device backups, virtual machines, memory dumps, and many others.
Simple & Powerful
Simple & Powerful
Belkasoft Evidence Center is designed with forensic experts and investigators in mind: it automatically performs multiple tasks without requiring your presence, allowing you to speed up the investigation; at the same time, the product has convenient interface, making it a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool for data extraction, search, and analysis.
Works Out of the Box
Works Out of the Box
A wide array of features is available to you immediately after the installation. Working with Evidence Center requires no special training and is as easy as 1-2-3: acquire a device or a cloud, add one or multiple acquired data sources to your case, and investigate using out of the box or manual analysis!
Advanced Low Level Expertise
Advanced Low Level Expertise
While Belkasoft Evidence Center focuses on automating most of the investigators' routine, it also has powerful features for low-level analysis, allowing for sound and thorough inspection of suspects' devices. Built-in File System Explorer, Process Explorer, Hex Viewer, SQLite Viewer, Registry Viewer and Plist Viewer will help you locate even more hidden and deleted evidence.
Clean and Concise Reports, Accepted by Courts
  • Easy to create: Reports can be created from any part of the interface in just a few clicks.
  • Adjustable: You can configure your report in many ways from choosing a font to selecting types of evidence to include.
  • Valid to present in courts: Proven by years of experience of our users. One of the recent real life examples was a big case of child abuse in Croatia, solved using Belkasoft Evidence Center. Read more...
Trusted by Thousands of Customers Worldwide
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November 2018
New release of Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer!
Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer is re-signed with a new certificate and is now compatible with all versions and editions of Windows including newest Window 10. ... Read more
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Evidence Center 2019 v.9.3 is out!
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Evidence Center 2018 v.9.2 is out!
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Evidence Center 2018 v.9.1 is out!
Evidence Center 2018 v.9.1 is out! What's new? ... Read more
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