Why do you need Belkasoft?

William Aycock, VeriFi Lab: 'Belkasoft is one of my go-to tools and this is why...'

BELKASOFT X platform

consists of a set of tightly integrated software products for digital forensics, corporate incident investigations, effective triage and forensically sound remote data acquisition.

Acquire, examine, and analyze evidence from mobile, computer and cloud storage


Acquire data from remote computer and mobile devices in a forensically sound way

Perform effective triage analysis of Windows devices right on the incident scene

Efficiently investigate hacking attempts of Windows computers


Not only it allows analysis of all the types of data that we look for on various devices, but it also comes at a very fair price.

Our company has been using software products from Belkasoft since 2011. Before that we were using 2 other forensic tools, but Belkasoft Evidence Center has proven to be more convenient and versatile. Not only it allows analysis of all the types of data that we look for on various devices, but it also comes at a very fair price. It has been pleasant to watch this product develop in a way to comply with the needs actual at the time. Belkasoft Evidence Center is easy to use and does not take long to get familiarized with. Reporting feature is very convenient, and the reports are absolutely valid to present in a court. Besides, it is very important that Belkasoft support is very attentive and helpful, dedicating a specific employee to handle your request. All these advantages make Belkasoft a competitive company on global level.

Tsvetomir Atanasov, Matrex EOOD, Bulgaria



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December 2021

Belkasoft releases a fix for log4j vulnerability

Belkasoft releases a fix for log4j vulnerability, contained in ElasticSearch used by Belkasoft X. The build 1.11.9199 is made available under your Customer Portal account. Trial version is updated, too.

Request a free trial or learn more what's new in the build 1.11.9199.

December 2021

Belkasoft X 1.11 is here!

Belkasoft announces the release of v.1.11 of Belkasoft X. The new version introduces an extremely long list of new features, like iCloud backup downloads support and the massive update of all other clouds, Facebook secret chats decryption support, new system artifacts for Linux, Volume Shadow Copy analysis improvements, and even more features. Find the full list of improvements here.

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January 2022

Where did this chat come from? The 'Origin path' concept in Belkasoft X

In this article, we will review a healthier approach to automatic extraction of artifacts for a digital forensic or an incident response case.

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December 2021

Why should you consider nominating Belkasoft for this year’s Forensic 4:cast Awards?

For Belkasoft, 2021 has been a significantly important year: 11 major revisions of Belkasoft X, 3 new products for triage, remote acquisition, and incident investigations. Read more in the blogpost and nominate Belkasoft today!

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