BelkaGPT—The First Offline AI Assistant for DFIR Investigations

Elevate your investigations with secure, efficient, and validated AI insights

Introducing Belkasoft’s groundbreaking offline AI assistant, driven by Belkasoft X's advanced artifact extraction. BelkaGPT revolutionizes digital forensics and cyber incident response (DFIR) with robust AI-powered analysis, while adhering to the industry’s security and evidence validation standards.

Process evidence within your lab

Digital evidence security is our top priority. Unlike competitors, Belkasoft's solution operates entirely offline, providing peace of mind and compliance with stringent data protection regulations.

Use standard hardware

While language models typically require high-end hardware, BelkaGPT can run on an average DFIR lab machine. Experience robust performance without the need to upgrade your equipment.

Rely on transparent answers

When generating replies, BelkaGPT provides three of the most relevant sources from the ingested data. This approach helps validate the AI's interpretation of the information, ensuring transparency and reliablility.

BelkaGPT answering a question about financial transactions

BelkaGPT is included in all Belkasoft X packages. You do not need to pay extra for this feature.

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Discover the power of BelkaGPT

How Does BelkaGPT Work?

BelkaGPT comes pre-trained to understand real-world concepts and interact in a human-like manner. When you add a data source in Belkasoft X, the tool processes the information and trains BelkaGPT on the data from your case. After training, you can ask questions about your case directly in the BelkaGPT window.

BelkaGPT provides references to the three most relevant artifacts for each query, helping you validate its responses.

BelkaGPT answering a question about forgery

What are the hardware requirements for BelkaGPT?

Most forensic workstations are already equipped for demanding tasks, so integrating BelkaGPT typically requires no significant hardware upgrades.

  • CPU with an average CPU mark of at least 10K
  • RAM of at least 16 GB
  • (Optional) GPU with CUDA 12.x support (Nvidia), VRAM of at least 6 GB

Using a GPU increases processing speed by 4-5 times.

BelkaGPT answering a question about suspicious matters

What artifacts does BelkaGPT cover?

BelkaGPT supports an extensive range of artifacts, ensuring thorough coverage for both digital forensics and incident response.

Its training covers chats, emails, documents, calendars, notes, as well as system artifacts involved in cyber incident investigations. Just like Belkasoft X, it is a versatile tool you can rely on for comprehensive and reliable case analysis.

BelkaGPT answering a question about malicious files

Experience the future of digital forensics with BelkaGPT

Upgrade your digital forensics and incident response workflow with BelkaGPT, the AI assistant that brings intelligent, secure, and efficient investigation capabilities right to your fingertips. With Belkasoft X, unlock the potential of AI while maintaining the highest security standards and hardware efficiency.

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