Belkasoft for Academia

Belkasoft actively participates in educating the new generation of digital forensics and cyber security specialists. See how we can work together to add hands on experience in your learning process.

Belkasoft X academic license

We love when you learn with us. Get Belkasoft X Evidence Center for educational purposes with up to 98% off of the commercial price.

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Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer

Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer is a tiny free forensic tool that allows to reliably extract the entire contents of a computer’s volatile memory.


Belkasoft Research awards

Are you working on a research project that involves digital forensics and the usage of DFIR tools? If so, participate in our research award and get a chance to win up to $6,500 in Belkasoft products.

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Belkasoft Research awards

Add practice to your curriculum!

Some practice in addition to theory is key to successful course enrollment. Request access to one of Belkasoft’s online self-paced courses for free and make it a part of your digital forensics course.

Remote Acquisition with Belkasoft R

For those who already have experience in DFIR and would like to level up their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in using Belkasoft.

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Corporate Investigations with Belkasoft X

For those who aim to harden the security of their business networks and learn how to enable quick incident response procedures.

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Mobile Forensics with Belkasoft X

How to acquire Android and iPhone data, to analyze and review mobile artifacts, to narrow your search and quickly find the needed data.

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CTF from Belkasoft—
always challenge, always fun

Party girl—MISSING
Gain experience with one of our past CTFs, participate in a new one, or roll it out in your school.


Susie R.

Thank you Belkasoft for running a cool CTF.
I had an awesome time taking part and as someone new to DFIR learned loads and have come away with a nice list of techniques and tools to learn about.

Nisarg Suthar

Came in 5th for Belkasoft CTF 4! The case itself was very educational! Had a lot of pivoting and cracking to do and it highlights the ability of an investigator to filter through large data quickly.

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Obtaining your first internship or even a job is always tough. Stand out from other applicants by adding a recommendation letter from Belkasoft to your portfolio. Here are several paths to obtain it:

  • participate in our CTFs
  • become a Belkasoft ambassador in your school
  • use Belkasoft for your course paper and/or thesis
  • contact us to request your recommendation letter, attach your CV and describe your history with Belkasoft
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