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Mobile Forensics with Belkasoft X

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Learn how to select the appropriate method for acquiring Android or iOS data, analyze and review mobile artifacts in Belkasoft X, and use search filters to narrow the examination scope.

Price: $999

What does the course include?

A free 30-day trial license for Belkasoft X for all participants

Training materials, including video tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, and articles

Practical tasks

Certificates of completion and achievement (see below)

5 sections

Materials are conveniently divided into sections

4+ hours

The course can take up to a few days depending on the participant’s pace

In this training, you will learn

  • How to acquire Android data: what options you have and how to choose a suitable method
  • How to acquire iOS data: what you can do in the case of a locked device, what terminology is important to know, and more
  • How to analyze and review mobile artifacts in Belkasoft X
  • How to narrow your search and quickly find the data you need

Certificate of completion

  • A certificate of completion is provided to those who complete the training with a satisfactory score
  • BONUS: Certificate recipients will get a discount on their next purchase from Belkasoft

Course reviews

"It was a fantastic Learning Experience and I would highly recommend this for all those who are really interested in learning Digital Forensics."
Unnikrishnan B. Threat Research Analyst, India
"Digital forensics domain is so interesting and challenging and Belkasoft never disappointed me of how smooth their training courses are and how powerful their solutions are!"
Husam Shbib Digital Forensics Consultant, Saudi Arabia
"The team was great, answering any queries I had & provided a list of helpful resources. Highly recommend."
Lucinda Eaves Forensic Investigation student, United Kingdom


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