Perform effective triage analysis of Windows devices right on the incident scene



Belkasoft T is a free tool that designed to assist in situations when an investigator or a first responder is at the scene of incident and needs to quickly identify and obtain specific digital evidence stored on a Windows machine.
The product is irreplaceable in situations of time pressure, when there is a need to quickly detect presence of specific data and obtain investigative leads instead of conducting an in-depth analysis of all the digital evidence.


The product is user friendly enabling both experts and non-technical specialists to use it out of the box

No installation is required

Belkasoft T is portable and can be started from any thumb drive

Quick and smart

In a matter of minutes, you will get the information of presence of data you are looking for, such as, for instance, Skype profile or Outlook mailbox

Easy configuration

Belkasoft T can be easily configured during operation and does not require special knowledge to set up

Compatibility with Belkasoft X

Images acquired with Belkasoft T can be analyzed in Belkasoft X for a deeper insight into the content of the copied data

Now free!

Unleash the full potential of forensic triage analysis without breaking the bank, ensuring powerful tools are within reach for every investigator

  • Launch Belkasoft Triage from a thumb drive connected to a device being investigated
  • Detect 1500+ types of computer, mobile and cloud artifacts such as emails, chats, browsers, system settings and others
  • Automated acquisition of a computer RAM dump
  • Detect presence of virtual machines, memory files and mobile backups
  • Detect skin tone in found pictures
  • Calculate file hash values and show an immediate alert on files with known hashes
  • Stop the analysis at any time once you got enough information
  • Export discovered results partially or entirely
  • Select evidence to be included into the resulting image

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How it works

Run Belkasoft T from a thumb drive

Select a folder or disk. Acquire RAM if needed

Configure options, such as hash set databases and skin detection

Start the analysis and review the discovered application profiles

Export selected data into an image readable by Belkasoft X as well as other forensic tools

Meet the new Belkasoft Triage!

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Yuri Gubanov

Digital forensic expert CEO and Founder, Belkasoft

Belkasoft Triage is Belkasoft's free DFIR tool that enables an investigator to extract and filter out important data relevant for your case from running computers.

During this webinar, Belkasoft's CEO will speak about how the new product helps you in your investigation needs. You will also get a sneak peek into the product during the demo session.

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