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April 2021

Belkasoft invites you to the second CTF challenge. The new CTF will be a part of our BelkaDay America digital forensics and incident response conference which is going to take place on May 14 and 15.

You need to prove or disprove the involvement of the suspect in activities related to drug trafficking. There will be two tracks: one for professionals and the other one for students.

Sign up today and do not forget to request a free trial of Belkasoft X, which will help you with at least some of tasks.

April 2021

BelkaDay America is scheduled for May 14-15. Save the date!

The first two Belkasoft online conferences united hundreds digital forensic experts from law enforcement and corporate.

Belkasoft team and our partners are preparing inspiring sessions for you. What’s more, we have invited special guests to speak on hot topics!

You may also want to share your expertise and submit your presentation on Digital Forensics or Incident Response.

Check the detailed agenda and reserve your spot for the event.

April 2021
Belkasoft is proud to be named one of finalists at SC Awards 2021 for the Best Computer Forensic Solution nomination. This is one more proof of the high quality of our new DFIR Belkasoft X product and recognition of our efforts making one of the world's best DFIR tools.
Please also support us at the Forensic 4:cast Awards at

April 2021
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X. Version 1.6 of Belkasoft X introduces:
  • Wickr Me decryption and analysis for all platforms including Android, iOS, Window and Linux
  • APK downgrade for Firefox, Puffin, TikTok, OneDrive and ICQ
  • Support for images of the newly released Belkasoft R[emote Acquisition] product
  • iOS agent-based acquisition for iOS 14, and other improvements.
Find the full list of improvements here.

April 2021
We are happy to announce the launch of Belkasoft Remote Acquisition (Belkasoft R), a DFIR tool for remote extraction of hard and removable drives, RAM, connected mobile devices, and specific types of data.
Belkasoft R will be useful in cases when an incident response analyst or a digital forensic investigator needs to gather evidence quickly and the devices in question are situated in geographically distributed locations.
Read more and be the first to try a beta version

March 2021
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X. Version 1.5 of Belkasoft X introduces:
  • WhatsApp downloading with QR code
  • Mounting and analysis of UFD with .DAR
  • More Google cloud and macOS artifacts, and other improvements.
Find the full list of improvements here.

March 2021
BelkaDay Europe digital forensics conference is almost here!

During the conference, there will be presentations by Belkasoft developers, invited digital forensics experts, networking, and CTF competition. Little time left. Check the whole agenda and register here

March 2021
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X. Version 1.4 of Belkasoft X introduces:
  • iOS crash log extraction
  • .DAR image support
  • More macOS artifacts, cloud acquisitions features, and other improvements.
Find the full list of improvements here.

February 2021
This year we have decided to conclude the BelkaDay Europe virtual conference with the exciting challenge: individual “capture the flag” forensic competition.

This is a great opportunity to utilize knowledge you got during the conference.

We prepared a close to real life case, which you will solve by means of Belkasoft X.

Feel excited? Register here and read the instructions carefully.

Good luck to all the participants of the CTF challenge!

February 2021
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X. Version 1.3 of Belkasoft X introduces:
  • Acquisition of Android devices using EDL mode
  • APK downgrade support
  • A number of other major improvements, including new Mac system files, long-awaited font size selection, additional video formats and so on.
Find the full list of improvements here.

February 2021

BelkaDay Europe virtual conference is back in 2021. The event will be held on March 15th. Save the date!

A year ago, BelkaDay conference united about one hundred digital forensic experts from law enforcement and corporate all over the world. This year we expect even more participants and even more networking opportunities!

Belkasoft team and our partners are preparing inspiring sessions for you. What’s more, we have invited special guests (widely known in a digital forensic world!) to speak on hot topics! The detailed agenda for the BelkaDay conference will be available soon.

Meanwhile, reserve your spot for the event.

You may also want to share your expertise and submit your presentation on Digital Forensics or Incident Response.

February 2021
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X. The version 1.2 of Belkasoft X introduces:
  • Logical acquisition of rooted Android devices (in addition to physical acquisition).
  • Full file system iOS acquisition using checkm8 method updated for iOS 14.3 and 14.4
  • iOS СhatSecure and Snapchat applications analysis support
  • Notifications and netconfig analysis for macOS
  • A number of issues fixed and improvements made
Find the full list of improvements here.

January 2021
Belkasoft X supported a new method of acquiring MTK-based Android devices.
In the latest update in Belkasoft Evidence Center X, we supported agent-based MTK acquisition. It allows you to get an unencrypted copy of the device's file system and create a physical image through this method.
The new release also includes multiple bugfixes and artifacts, including custom jumplists, password extraction from new Chrome versions, SQLite freelist improvements, and many more.
You can find the full list of improvements and supported Android device models here.

January 2021
Belkasoft announces a new minor release of Belkasoft X.
We start the new year with the latest update of our product. In this version network licenses are improved.
Don’t hesitate to install it.

December 2020
Belkasoft announces a new release of Belkasoft X.
Now, all versions from iOS 10 to 13.7 are supported for the agent-based acquisition, including both acquisition of a full file system image and a keychain extraction (with an exception of 6S and SE 1st gen models).
Processing of large APFS images has been improved so more artifacts are found now. A number of new features has been added.
Find more information in the complete "What's New".

November 2020
We are happy to announce the launch of Belkasoft Evidence Center X! With this upgraded product, you get to simplify your workflow while enhancing productivity.
We implemented thousands of customer requests, and the result is a modern and easy-to-use product. Be the first to enjoy powerful features such as video forensics, iOS knowledgeC parsing, AFF4 and ProjectVic support and all other improvements.
Read more about new features.

November 2020
Belkasoft now supports checkm8-based acquisition of iOS 14-14.2 for iPhone 7 and 7+ models (and corresponding iPad models). The update is provided in Belkasoft X only. To get a pre-release version today, send a request to
Read more

October 2020
Are you a fun of Halloween? Belkasoft offers you a unique version of Belkasoft X: Belkasoft X Halloween edition (the one which our CEO has shown in the recent Forensic Lunch). You can buy this edition for the limited time until the midnight of November 1st!
Contact to learn more.

September 2020
Belkasoft Evidence Center 9.9 now supports checkm8-based acquisition for iOS 14 and available for iPhones 6S, 6S Plus and iPhone SE (1st gen).
Customers with valid licenses can download the update from the Customer Portal. Read more...

August 2020
Belkasoft announces the launch of the new product—Belkasoft Evidence Center X (BEC X), a reliable end-to-end solution designed to accelerate digital forensics investigations. BEC X encompasses hundreds of man-years of research and development, thousands of customers' suggestions and feature requests, numerous usability studies and complete visual redesign.
Currently, BEC X is available as a beta-version to a restricted audience.
Read more

August 2020
checkm8-based full file system iOS acquisition built in Belkasoft Evidence Center supports the newest iOS 13.6. Thus, the versions supported are 12.3-13.6.
Read more

July 2020
Belkasoft Evidence Center with checkm8 now supports lifting USB restricted mode. Starting build 5401 of Belkasoft version 9.9800, the product gets past the restrictions automatically during the acquisition process.
Read more

May 2020
Good news: checkm8-based full file system iOS acquisition built in Belkasoft Evidence Center perfectly works with the newest iOS 13.5. Thus, versions supported are 12.3-13.5.
Read more

May 2020
The new Belkasoft Evidence Center v.9.9800 build 5195 features agent-based iOS full file system acquisition on a broader range of iOS versions and devices. This method is a great complementary approach to our checkm8-based acquisition since it covers even devices and iOS versions which are not vulnerable to checkm8. Particularly, you can acquire iPhone XS and XR, 11, some iPads etc.
Read more

May 2020
Belkasoft is extremely proud to be one of the three nominees of DFIR Commercial Tool of the Year at the Forensic 4:Cast Awards. Thank you all for your support!

Please vote now for Belkasoft Evidence Center as DFIR Commercial Tool in the final voting at

April 2020

Belkasoft transfers its BelkaDay events into a virtual format.

Meet Belkasoft team, its partners and European peers during BelkaDays Europe – Online Digital Forensics Conference on April 20-21, 2020.

Why attend?

  • Hot digital forensics content: listen our team’s lectures and learn from experts at Group IB, Passware, Elcomsoft.
  • Online networking: communicate with your colleagues from all European countries.
  • Get the most staying safe at home: event streaming to all types of devices, including the official mobile application for networking.

The conference program is intended for 2 days and contains:

Day 1: New challenges: What is expected from a modern forensic tool?

Day 2: What LE wants to learn: What makes a training useful?

Sign up for online BelkaDay to attend sessions on hot digital forensics topics. Read more

March 2020

iOS 13.4 is supported by Belkasoft within its checkm8-based full file system copy feature.

It makes Belkasoft the only digital forensic tool in the world having this feature. Read more

March 2020
Great news! Belkasoft supports keychain extraction from iOS devices. In addition, Signal iOS app decryption is supported.

The new feature is available in Belkasoft Evidence Center v.9.9800.4928 with checkm8. Keychain is extracted either in the process of iPhone acquisition using #checkm8 method built-in Evidence Center or, if you have a jailbroken iPhone, keychain will also be extracted no matter what jailbreak was used.
The Signal chat extraction and decryption are based on acquired keychain data.

February 2020
checkm8-based acquisition is supported in Belkasoft v.9.9800. Read more

December 2019
Evidence Center 2020 v.9.9 is out!
The version 9.9 of Belkasoft Evidence Center mostly focuses on two major improvements: analysis of GrayKey images and zip containers as a whole, and carving performance. The speed of artifact and file carving is now as quick as never before. Apart from it: dozens of updated artifacts for mobile and computer apps and other improvements. What's new?

November 2019
Evidence Center 2020 v.9.8 is out!
In v.9.8, Belkasoft added two extremely important features of iOS device acquisition: acquisition of iOS devices with checkra1n jailbreak and full file system copy of some iOS devices without jailbreak. Apart from it: decryption of TrueCrypt, VeraCrypt, PGP, massive improvements in Remote Forensics and Incident Investigation modules and many more. What's new?

October 2019
Evidence Center 2020 v.9.7 is out!
MTK device acquisition, support for acquisition via MTP/PTP, iOS 13 support, analysis of Huawei and Xiaomi backups, CarPlay forensics; multiple improvements in Remote Acquisition module; revamped Connection Graph and many more. What's new?

July 2019
Evidence Center 2019 v.9.6 is out!
What new features have been added?
TikTok and ShareIT support, remote artifact extraction, FileVault decryption, ElasticSearch indexing, polished Graphical Timeline and several dozens of updated artifacts for mobile and computer apps! Learn more

April 2019
Belkasoft Evidence Center 2019 v.9.5 is one of the biggest updates over the last few years.
Remote forensics, incident investigations, cross-case search, Telegram X and Bitlocker decryption and many other large-scale features added to BEC with v.9.5. Learn more
Download the trial at

March 2019
Sneak Peek of Belkasoft Evidence Center 2019 v.9.5: we are going to roll out one of the biggest updates in last few years.
Remote forensics, incident investigations, cross-case search, graphical timeline, Telegram X decryption and many more new large-scale features will be added.
A webinar on the new release will be conducted on Apr 2, 2019.
Learn more on the new features and sign up for a webinar at

November 2018
Evidence Center 2019 v.9.4 is out!
Keyword file generation for password brute force attacks, gun detection using neural networks, Open Street Maps support, support for fitness trackers, support for Windows 10 Skype app, cloud forensics features update, a pack of new and updated computer and mobile artifacts included. What's new?

November 2018
New release of Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer!
Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer is re-signed with a new certificate and is now compatible with all versions and editions of Windows including newest Window 10. Read more on Belkasoft Live RAM Capturer and download it free at

September 2018
Evidence Center 2019 v.9.3 is out!
Agent-based and EDL acquisition for Android devices supported, support for Elcomsoft and GrayKey iOS images added, pornography detection using ANN, Windows 10 Timeline, custom carving, massive update of cloud forensics features, and a pack of new and updated computer and mobile artifacts included. What's new?

August 2018
Evidence Center 2018 v.9.2 is out!
Great news: long-awaited support for the new Apple APFS file system is added. Among other features: encrypted DMG images are supported, licensing is improved. What's new?

June 2018
Evidence Center 2018 v.9.1 is out!
Many improvements in report generation, support for audio files added, usage of multiple dongles and offline license activation made simpler. A pack of new and updated computer and mobile artifacts included. What's new?

May 2018
Belkasoft is GDPR-compliant.
Read more on our updated privacy policy and use of personal data:

April 2018
We got nominated for prestigious Forensic 4:Cast Award! Belkasoft got into two nominations:
  • Computer Forensic Software of the Year: Belkasoft Evidence Center
  • Phone Forensic Software of the Year: Belkasoft Evidence Center

The voting link is

Vote for Belkasoft Evidence Center and let's win together!

April 2018
Evidence Center 2018 v.9.0 is out!
Recycle Bin analysis supported, Mac OS system configuration analysis, NTFS compression supported, OFB mobile images mounting and analysis, deduplication supported by using PhotoDNA hashing, numerous performance and usability improvements, and a pack of new and updated computer and mobile artifacts included. What's new?

December 2017
Evidence Center 2018 v.8.6 is out!
30+ clouds including Google, WhatsApp, Instagram and all popular email clouds, hiperfil.sys analysis for Windows 8 and10, bubble view for chats, WhatsApp crypt12 decryption, and a pack of new and updated computer and mobile artifacts included. What's new?

October 2017
Evidence Center 2018 v.8.5 is out!
Windows 10 memory reconstruction, malware detection, crypto currencies analysis, multi-gigabyte Outlook mailboxes support, Android 7.0 acquisition, and a pack of new and updated computer and mobile apps including GetTaxi, Uber, Facebook Messenger, Evernote and more. What's new?

June 2017
Evidence Center 2017 v.8.4 is out!
Among the new features: physical acquisition of rooted Android devices, iTunes 10.x.x backups support, network licenses and much more. What's new?

April 2017
Belkasoft and AccessData become technology partners.
Under terms of the strategic partnership, the two companies shared technologies and implemented changes into their corresponding products to allow seamless integration between Belkasoft Evidence Center software and AccessData’s AD Lab Web UI. Read more..

March 2017
Evidence Center 2017 v.8.3 is out!
Among the new features: x64 supported, predefined searches, origin paths, new handy Dashboard screen, improved Task Manager and much more. What's new?

December 2016
New article "Comprehensive Forensic Chat Examination with Belkasoft" is published

December 2016
New article "10 reasons to use Belkasoft Evidence Center 2017" is published

December 2016
Belkasoft is happy to announce opening of its brand new Forensic Services department. Our specialists are former Police Investigators with huge experience of working on criminal cases involving all types of digital devices. With powerful Belkasoft Evidence Center at their disposal and years of successful work behind, they can help you with wide variety of services. You can get more information on the new Belkasoft offer at and contact us with any services-related requests at

November 2016
Are you current LACE customer? Claim your BEC discount.
All new customers of BEC will also get discount towards purchase of a new LACE license.

November 2016
Evidence Center 2017 v.8.2 is out!
Among the new features: malware detection, flash cookies and IMO application supported. What's new?

November 2016
Belkasoft Evidence Center and LACE integration: even more efficient handling of media files.
By using the joint solution, customers will enjoy the power of the two tools, extracting all possible pictures and videos from even hidden or tricky places from one hand, and running sophisticated analysis on big data sets from the other hand.
Read more..

October 2016
New article "I've been hacked" is published

October 2016
Evidence Center 2017 v.8.1 is out!
Among the new features: iOS 10 analysis, LACE integration, Portuguese translation and plenty of other customer requests implemented. What's new?

October 2016
Evidence Center 2017 v.8.0 is out! What's new?
Among the new features: Belkasoft Acquisition Tool, Social Graph Builder, in-depth support for Volume Shadow Copy and dozens of other features and improvements.

August 2016
New revolutionary BEC 2017 v.8.0 is coming soon! What's new?

June 2016
Evidence Center 2016 v.7.5 is out! What's new?

April 2016
New article "SSD and eMMC Forensics 2016" is published

December 2015
Evidence Center 2016 v.7.4 is out! What's new?

November 2015
New article "The Future of Mobile Forensics: November 2015 Follow-up" is published (this is a follow-up to our widely discussed article "The Future of Mobile Forensics").

August 2015
New article published: Countering Anti-Forensic Efforts - Part 1.

July 2015
New article published: NAS Forensics Explained

July 2015
Evidence Center 2015 v.7.3 is out! What's new?

June 2015
New article published: Future of Mobile Forensics.

February 2015
Belkasoft is first to support Pagefile.sys files produced by Windows Phone 8.1!

Read how new Belkasoft Evidence Center helps to extract forensically important information out of JTAG dump of Windows Phone 8.1. Try Belkasoft Evidence Center free!

August 2014
New product: Belkasoft Social Profile Saver is released! What is inside?

Belkasoft Social Profile Saver helps to download public info, such as wall posts, private messages or photo albums, from major social networks. A free version of the tool, Belkasoft Facebook Profile Saver is updated.

July 2014
Belkasoft Evidence Center helps Croatian police to solve serious crime against children.

In an official letter received from the Ministry of Interior Police Administration Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska of Croatia, Belkasoft was informed that our product, Belkasoft Evidence Center, was used by the Criminal Police Department of Bjelovar, Croatia to solve serious criminal case against children.

The tool helped the police obtain information regarding the suspect’s use of social media, instant messengers, web history data, etc. The police used data carving to extract deleted data and acquire destroyed evidence. A comprehensive report was produced and forwarded to the Public Prosecutor in Bjelovar.

March 2014
Evidence Center 2014 v. 6.2 is out! The new version introduces tons of improvements and essential new functionality.