What's new in version 6.3.1 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

What's New in Version 6.3.1

Version 6.3 of Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014 massively improves Photo Forgery Detection Plugin, supports ext4 file system for Linux, adds Plist viewer and fixes a lot of issues reported by our customers.


Upgrading to version 6.3.1 is free of charge to all customers with non-expired Extended Software Maintenance and Support contracts. Customers without the contract can purchase it from the Customer Portal. Affordable User Refresher Course is available for those who would like to catch up all recent improvements.

Forgery Detection Improvements

Photo Forgery Detection, which helps to robustly determine, whether a photo was changed after leaving a digital camera or smartphone. With v.6.3.1 we enhanced this function even more:

  • New cameras added. We supported 300 more cameras and now the total amount of supported devices exceeds 3300!
  • New algorithm introduced: Error Level Analysis. Error level analysis (ELA) identifies areas within an image that are at different compression levels. With JPEG images, the entire picture should be at roughly the same level. If a section of the image is at a significantly different error level, then it likely indicates a digital modification.
  • New algorithm introduced: Double Quantization Tables. Double Quantization Tables (DQT) algorithm determines whether the picture was compressed in the JPEG format more than once. If the JPEG file was opened, edited and saved, some compression artifacts will inevitably appear.

With all these improvements, Belkasoft Forgery Detection Plugin becomes more powerful and robust than ever. More information: https://belkasoft.com/forgery-detection.

New features in Belkasoft Evidence Center v.6.3.1

There are a number of new and updated functions in Belkasoft Evidence Center:

  • Android analysis extended: Firefox, Dolphin, Mercury and Baidu browser analysis supported; Vipole, Line and ICQ instant messengers added
  • Ext4 filesystem supported. This is widely used Linux/Unix file system which now can be processed even without drivers
  • Apple DMG disk image format supported
  • Automatic virtual machine drives mounting. Now, if a folder inside a drive or drive image contains virtual machine files, they will be mounted as a data source automatically. You don't have to search Virtual Machines and add their files manually. Moreover, the product will process nested virtual machines, so that you can automatically add, for example, a pagefile inside virtual machine, which was kept inside another virtual machine.
  • Mac OS X property list (PList) viewer added

Updated features

A huge amount of existing functions was updated:

  • Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Mail.Ru, Brosix, Skype and WhatsApp analyzers updated
  • HFS/HFS+ file systems support improved
  • A pack of reporting improvements done:
    • Carved data grouped by type. For each group available columns detected automatically
    • Carved and browser data can be split by date and count
    • Browser data grouped by type. For each type user can configure a column list
    • Pictures exported in original format (not only in JPEG) what is espesially handy for HTML report type
    • Unicode symbols escaping fixed for XML, TXT, XLSX and DOCX formats
    • Page spliting algorithm improved for PDF format
    • Picture properties grouped correctly
  • ICQ8/Mail.Ru search improved
  • GUI and performance enhancements done
  • More than 150 smaller bugfixes and enhancements made

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