What's new in version 3.5 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

What's new in version 3.5 of Belkasoft Evidence Center


New product packaging

There are a lot of changes in the product packaging:

  • Version 3.5 of the product is called Belkasoft Evidence Center 2012
  • Standalone products Belkasoft Forensic IM Analyzer and Belkasoft Forensic Studio are merged into this new release as product editions.
    • The price structure is greatly simplified.
    • No more mess with products and editions. Now we have just 3 editions of Evidence Center 2012.
  • Besides for Belkasoft Evidence Center 2012, there are also Belkasoft Evidence Center Enterprise and Belkasoft Evidence Center Portable

New major features

  • Twitter Live RAM analysis supported
  • Facebook Live RAM analysis enhanced:
    • Newsfeed analysis supported. It is working with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. News messages as well as name, and sometimes id and link of the person who posted can be extracted, sometimes with additional information like ids or links of people or places mentioned in news message. In some cases time of the news message is also extracted
    • Photoalbums analysis supported. It is working with Google Chrome. Album name, album link, the place it is connected to, time and last updated time, the name of the person who posted and photos links can be extracted
    • Messages and chat messages analysis enhanced. It is working with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Message text, message subject, sender id and name, recipient id and name, message time and last updated time, the photolink of one of the participants can be extracted
  • Bebo Live RAM analysis supported
  • Icq2go messenger Live RAM Analysis supported
  • Jitsi version 1.0 messenger supported
  • jClaim version 13.0.0 messenger supported
  • Kadu version 0.9.2 messenger supported
  • Brosix version 3.1.3 messenger supported
  • aMSN version  0.98.4 messenger supported
  • TeamViewer chats supported
  • E-Mail Item Properties now have handy additional tabs:
    • Headers
    • Attachments
    • Raw text (note, Outlook does not store raw text)
  • Hex Viewer window added for carved evidence
  • The search is now performed under the SYSTEM account what enables a user to find all data including ones stored in folders inaccessible to the Administrator user
  • Checkboxes "Add all found profiles to case" and "Start extraction for found profiles" added, what enables a user to start the search and extraction in one click, so that it is safe to go and have a cup of tasty coffee without finding "Which profiles to add to a case" question on return
  • Cancel all button appeared in the Task Manager, enabling a user to easily stop all running tasks
  • Safe mode link added to the Start menu for the product. Using this link a customer may easily restore default GUI layout in case they poorly customized it
  • imdisk is no more used for mounting drive images. This solves a lot of customer problems on specific configurations where imdisk worked incorrectly
  • New nice design is developed for the product

Smaller enhancements

  • AIM messenger support enhanced
  • ICQ6 Lite, ICQ7 and ICQ7.5 messenger support enhanced. Group chat messages extraction fixed, new event types added such as video call, game invitation, picture transfer, etc.
  • Miranda extraction improved
  • MSN messenger support enhanced
  • MIRC messenger group and private chats improved:
    • Correct conversation date
    • Correct outgoing message determination
    • Messages containing color codes, extracted correctly
    • System messages extracted
    • Sayer's name shown
    • Profile naming fixed

Enjoy using the product!


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