What's new in Belkasoft Evidence Center 3.0

What's new in version 3 of Belkasoft Evidence Center


New major features

  1. MacOS support added. The product can now mount HFS and HFS+ file systems. You can mount both physical drives and drive images like Encase, SMART and DD. Then you can extract existing or carve deleted Instant Messenger histories. Currently the following MacOS messengers supported:
    1. Adium
    2. AIM
    3. Brosix
    4. Fire
    5. iChat
    6. ICQ
    7. InstantBird
    8. Mail.Ru Agent
    9. Mercury
    10. Nimbuzz
    11. Trillian
    12. Yahoo! Messenger
  2. Picture and video support added. You can search and add existing pictures and videos to a case, explore their properties such as EXIF properties and do various analysis and operations:
    1. Detect porn
    2. Detect faces
    3. Detect texts
    4. See images with GPS coordinates on Google Maps, Google Earth or generate kml-files for them
    5. Key frames extraction for a video
  3. Powerful filtering facilities added. You can filter pictures by hordes of various criteria. Both predefined filters available and possibility to create your own customized filters.
  4. Carving options expanded. Now you can not only carve a whole drive or image, as in previous versions, but also select to carve unallocated or allocated only.
  5. Hibernation and pagefile analysis supported. In the new version you can analyze both these extremely important files, which may contain remnants of Live RAM memory stored when a computer was switched off.

Smaller enhancements

  1. Thunderbird supported. This popular email client stores its history in not the most pleasant format for investigation. Now you can easily extract all emails from Thunderbird mailbox into Belkasoft tool.
  2. A lot of new messengers added:
    1. Paltalk (LiveRAM)
    2. Gajim
    3. emClient
    4. Nimbuzz
    5. Qutim
    6. Gadu-Gadu (old and new versions)
    7. More than 10 Mac messengers (see above)
  3. Facebook support improved. Remnants in Internet Explorer cache can be located and analyzed. The product extracts contacts and chat messages for such profiles. For Live RAM the product now support both chats and group chats (previous version did not support group chats)
  4. Better Gmail support. The product now extracts not only mails from Live RAM but also unsent draft messages.
  5. Better Skype group chats extraction.
  6. Better ICQ 6 and 7 file transfer extraction. Previously not all available file names were shown, this is fixed now.
  7. Possibility to tweak the way report looks like. Using report template designer you can, for example, replace Belkasoft logo with yours and change color and font design.
  8. Big The Bat! mailbox analysis. There is no more 1Gb restriction for analyzed The Bat! mailboxes. You now can analyze The Bat! mailbox of any size, while previous version of the tool was failing on bigger ones.
  9. More features included into base configuration. Extraction of browser passwords andcache vizualization, which used to be additional paid features, now included into the base version.
  10. Sample files are included to the installation package. Now you do not have to download separate samples, samples of all types are included: chats, browsers, emails, pictures, video and network traffic.
  11. Enhanced installation process. There are 4 predefined packages which you can download upfront if your target machine does not have Internet: for English or German Windows, 32 or 64 bit. Other Windows languages are also supported with a little help from a user.
  12. More clear price structure. All additional features now cost the same price. Easy!
  13. More convenient registration process:
    • No more entering licenses and mistakes in this
    • All feature and license information is in a single file features.xml, which is sent to a customer right after purchase. You just put it in the product folder and product registers automatically
    • As previously, no Internet required for registration

Enjoy using the product!


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