What's new in version 5.0 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

What's new in version 5.0 of Belkasoft Evidence Center


New major features

  1. Blackberry backup search and analysis supported, both IPD and BBB, in addition to iPhone and iPad support, added in the previous version.
  2. Volume Shadow Copy and other restricted system areas support. Though the product had Volume Shadow Copy support before, it is significantly enhanced by adding another access mechanism, which ensures that no data is missed under special Windows folders.
  3. Performance is massively improved:
    1. Startup time decreased 10 times for SQLite database (editions with Case Management).
    2. After a selection in the Case Explorer data in the item list is shown 35 times faster than before.
    3. Storing data in a database is 10 times quicker now.
    4. Search for pictures is tens time quicker.
    5. Metadata extraction for pictures is up to 100 times quicker (depending on picture formats; raw formats are slower than common pictures).
  4. Multiple mounting enhancements. More E01 and EX01 images, previously reported as corrupted or empty, are processed OK now. The product does not hang up anymore on multi-part images.
  5. Reporting memory consumption decreased. For reports containing 200,000 items and more reporting does not fail with out of memory error.
  6. Reporting options. Per our users' requests, there are two more options for storing reports: preserving original profile path and grouping by evidence type. This helps to identify original profile, when generating reports for multiple profiles.

Smaller enhancements

  1. Metadata for pictures is now not extracted by default. This is done to increase speed of adding pictures to a case. You can extract metadata for pictures like you do this for documents, from the Case Explorer window.
  2. Option to skip smaller pictures added. By default, pictures smaller than 4096 bytes are ignored (what is logged to a task log). You can adjust this number.
  3. The product now explicitly says, which time is Local and which is UTC, in most places (some places are still being cleaned up, will be completed by the next release).
  4. Adium 2.0 messenger is supported.
  5. Mounted images are now correctly unmounted upon closing the product or opening another case in the product.
  6. The error "this profile has been added on another machine" has been fixed

The product supports more than 230 artifact types, what keeps it an indisputable leader in its class of products.

Find, what others think on our product:

I did a test with your software on a case, and I must say I am blown away by the results. It is fantastic. I can honestly see that your software could be the only forensic tool needed on many cases.
Prominent computer forensics expert and trainer in the United States

Enjoy using the product!


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