What's new in version 4.0 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

New major features

  1. Encrypted file detection. Now the product is able to locate encrypted files on drives or drive images. Besides, the product shows encryption properties and can advise on which attacks should be used to decrypt a file. The product can analyze as much as 57000 files in one hour (around 16 files/second)
  2. Passware integration. v.4.0 of Evidence Center can decrypt encrypted files right from within its user interface, in case Passware Kit Forensic or EnCase with Passware is installed
  3. Cloud application support. Live RAM Analysis now can handle a number of Cloud applications such as Flickr, SkyDrive, Yandex Disk, Google Drive and Dropbox

Smaller enhancements

  1. Gmail and Twitter for Firefox updated. As social networks change quickly, previous version of Evidence Center didn't support latest updates of these two. Now it works again
  2. WebIcq (ex icq2go) supported. There is no more icq2go, WebIcq instead. The product now supports this new browser ICQ version
  3. Opera carving supported. Now there is one more browser which the product can carve
  4. Translation to Chinese, Russian and Arabic.
  5. Search history wizard is more intuitive. Now it asks for both existing profiles search and carving. Before many users didn't notice carving feature and complained that they got too few results with just existing history profiles analysis

Find what others think on our product:

Through extensive testing in my forensic tool research project, I considered Evidence Center 2012 an outstanding tool for evidence acquisition from instant messenger. The application is not only user friendly but it also supports a wide range of instant messengers and the functions are certainly more comprehensive when compare to other tools designed for the same purpose. The support team are very friendly and I really enjoy our discussion on how the application can be further improved! Looking forward for the changes in the upcoming version.
Barry Lun, Forensic IT Researcher, Auckland University of Technology

Enjoy using the product!


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