What's new in version 4.2 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

What's new in version 4.2 of Belkasoft Evidence Center


New major features

  1. Mobile device backups search and analysis. Currently iPhone and iPad unencrypted backups supported. The following data types currently supported:
    • Calls
    • SMSes
    • WebKit applications (Twitter, Gmail and other application cached data, stored in iOS before version 5; since v.5 this data is stored in iCloud)
    • Safari
    • Skype
    • eBuddy
    • Fring
    • MapsSearchItem
    • Bump
    • LinkedIn
    • Gmail
    • ICQ
    • Yahoo
    • Foursquare
    • PingChat
    • TextMe
    • iGotChat
    • Kik
    • HeyTell
    • Im+
  2. Opera and Chrome Live RAM analysis. The product now extracts visited URLs for these browsers by using memory dump, hiberfil or pagefile analysis.
  3. More data inside inaccessible folders. When a computer user restricted access to a folder, previous version of our software reported an error about the lack of rights. Now it uses alternate access type to automate retrieving data from such folders, thus giving you much more complete result without manual taking proper rights to a folder.
  4. More data from folders with too long names. Though it is not possible in Windows to create paths longer than 260 symbols, there are multiple software pieces, such as MSN/Live Messenger, which can easily override this restriction (actually, up to almost 33000 symbols). While previous version of Belkasoft Evidence Center reported an error about too long path, version 4.2 now supports long paths.
  5. Huge report generation. Some users complained about out of memory error when creating a huge report, containing 100K items. The issue is fixed.

Smaller enhancements

  1. Skype 4/5 call direction was previously reversed - now fixed
  2. Firefox carving is updated to include more data
  3. National symbols extracted more correctly for carved URLs
  4. While preparing a huge (say it, 25M) raw image for showing in the Image Preview or Image Viewer, the product now shows "Loading..." instead of misleading silent load

With the latest improvements, the product supports more than 230 artifact types, what keeps it an indisputable leader in its class of products.

Find, what others think on our product:

I did a test with your software on a case, and I must say I am blown away by the results. It is fantastic. I can honestly see that your software could be the only forensic tool needed on many cases.
Prominent computer forensics expert and trainer in the United States

Enjoy using the product!


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