What's new in version 6.2 of Belkasoft Evidence Center

What's New in Version 6.2

Version 6.2 of Belkasoft Evidence Center 2014 introduces Windows Event Log processing and chip-off analysis of mobile devices, greatly improves performance and reporting, and extends Mac OS X support. Tons of minor enhancements and improvements are also included.


Upgrading to version 6.2 is free of charge to all customers with non-expired Extended Software Maintenance and Support contracts. Customers without the contract can purchase it from the Customer Portal.

Belkasoft Evidence Center 6.2

  • Window Event Log Analysis. Added support for Windows Event Log, an extremely important source of information for Windows systems.
  • Chip-off Support. Evidence Center enables the analysis of chip-off dumps acquired from  mobile devices, extracting a wide range of artifacts such as calls, application data, SQLite databases, and much more.
  • EnCase Integration: updated and significantly improved. See also: http://belkasoft.wordpress.com/2014/03/21/guidance-webinar-questions-and-answers/.
  • Mac OS X Analysis. Supports search and analysis of EML, EMLX, Firefox, Safari. Added carving of deleted data for pictures, Adium, AIM, Firefox, Safari, iChat, Fire IM.
  • Linux Analysis. Supports picture carving.
  • Mobile Analysis. Added WhatsApp analysis for iPhone.
  • Live RAM Analysis. Added Facebook Desktop support, updated Facebook analysis.
  • New Applications Support. Added ICQ 8.2, Mail.Ru 6.2, Main.Ru for Windows 8, Gmail offline
  • Skype Analysis Improvements. Improved extraction of group chats from chatsync files, improved support for deleted freelist entries.
  • SQLite Viewer Enhancements. Deleted (freelist) entries are now highlighted. Viewer works faster and more stable. Improved freelist data extraction from corrupted SQLite databases.
  • Reporting Improvements. Added 'One report file per case' option. Customization options available for report logo, fonts and colors, select columns to show for each data type. Bookmark export fixed. Export for Evidence Reader works better for keyframes and pictures.
  • General Performance and Stability. The product now works faster, improves memory consumption, allows for instant task cancellation (previously one had to wait up to several minutes). Error logging is improved, all issues are reported to the file related to task where a problem occurred.

Other Improvements

  • Pornography detection support significantly improved.
  • Browser "downloaded files" are now extracted.
  • Case Explorer now shows data source structure. Allocated/Unallocated areas can be viewed; carved items are displayed separately for allocated and unallocated areas.
  • Timeline: 'filter data by data source' option added.
  • Facebook improvements: lost dates issue fixed.
  • UTL/Local mess in emails is fixed.
  • Registry: Analysis for a number of new registry keys added. Unicode names issues fixed. It is now possible to extract registry data on a live machine. Registry Viewer loads nearly 100 times faster than in previous version.
  • German translation updated, Czech translation added.
With the latest additions, the product supports 450+ various types of artifacts, more than any single competitor!


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