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Android Forensics with

6 CPE credits

This course is designed for digital forensics investigators who need to deal with Android devices in their work and want to enhance their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in Android acquisition and analysis.

Price: $999

What does the course include?

Free 30-day trial license for Belkasoft X for all qualifying participants

Training materials including video tutorials, pre-recorded webinars, and articles

Practical tasks

Certificates of completion and achievement (see below)

6 sections

Materials are conveniently divided into sections

6+ hours

The course can take up to a few days depending on the participant’s pace

In this training, you will learn

  • How to use basic and advanced methods of Android acquisition, such as ADB-based and APK downgrade acquisition
  • What chipset-specific acquisition methods can be used
  • How to analyze Android apps, and what information can be extracted from them
  • Which Android system files may be of interest for a DFIR investigation and how to analyze them

Certificate of achievement

  • A certificate of achievement is provided to those who complete the training with a satisfactory score
  • BONUS: Certificate recipients will get a discount on their next purchase from Belkasoft

CPE credits

  • Successful completion of the course will earn you 6 CPE credits


"I recommend this very interesting training with an educational approach that I strongly share. Being also a training designer, a trainer, and knowing the difficulty of implementing quality training, I am grateful."

Erwan Bouliou, France

"If you have Belkasoft, then you have forensic power and capability to hunt any evidence and easy to use forensic workflow."

Tarun Sharma, United Arab Emirates

"Great course and such brilliant software I have never found it so easy when doing digital forensic analysis hope to get the chance to use it again in the future and build on my skills learned through this."

Josh Getchell, United Kingdom

"For the user of Belkasoft X, such as I, I found some really helpful information about extracting data from Androids and the increasing amount of difficulties. It covered all types of handset and some less common but which confront me at times. The database analysis was most helpful and broadened my already stretched brain. The exercises helped me further practice and hone my search and analysis skills outside of case work. Took me down some new paths and some I was unaware of. Well done Yuri and Team."

Richard Boddington, Australia

"The clues and subtleties that should be taken into consideration during the investigation were explained in a clear and simple language. Really amazing. Perfect for pinpoint detection."

Hakan Karakaya, Türkiye

"If you're interested in learning how to acquire android data by things like ADB backups, APK downgrades, and Agent Acquisitions; learning how to gather social media artefacts and finding typical things in the files, like user accuounts and device properties, and app usage: be sure to check out this course."

Matthew Plascencia, United States

"I love all the trainings provided by Belkasoft, It's an amazing DFIR software utility. All forensic and cyber professionals should check this amazing tool."

Arafat Ashrafi Talha, India

"Another great class from Belkasoft and resources I will be referencing for years. Highly recommended as well as a review of their previous CTF's. Thanks Belkasoft."

Sean Boero, United States

"The course's strength lies in its commitment to staying current with the fast paced changes in the Android platform. Digital forensics requires up-to-date knowledge, and Belkasoft appears to deliver on this front, keeping the content relevant and reflective of the latest developments in the field."

Matthew Abela Medici, Malta

"The course went beyond my expectations, debunking the myth that digital forensics is about pressing an "analyze" button and waiting for magic to happen. Instead, I delved into the intricate methodologies of data acquisition, analysis, and the nuanced application of forensic tools, gaining a deep appreciation for the meticulous effort and keen analytical skills required in the field."

Amal Pasha, United Kingdom

" I gained invaluable insights into extracting data effectively of Android. From mastering fundamental methods to exploring advanced approaches like APK downgrade and chipset-specific acquisitions. Additionally, I honed my skills in Android app analysis, learning how to dissect applications and handle encrypted data. By navigating Android system files, I uncovered hidden artifacts and invaluable clues essential for DFIR investigations."

Heet Kakadiya, India


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