What's new in BEC v.8.1

What's New in Version 8.1

We've got an overwhelming feedback from our customers regarding our major release of v.8.0. Along with a lot of kind words (thanks for that!) many users suggested various ideas of what else we can support or improve in the next version. That's why we did not wait standard 3-4 months before the next release but decided to make an intermediate minor update with many customer requests implemented.

Version 8.1 of the world's leading digital forensic tool Belkasoft Evidence Center offers support of new iOS 10, quicker and more robust acquisition of mobile devices and cloud data, a number of new and updated apps, with a pack of bugfixes and improvements

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Upgrading to version 8.1 is free of charge to all customers with non-expired Extended Software Maintenance and Support contracts. File System module can be purchased separately.

Customers without the contract can purchase it from the Customer Portal. Affordable User Refresher Course is available for those who would like to catch up all recent improvements. Sign up for a free webinar to learn more on BEC 2017.

Below you can find major changes in the new version.

Major new functions of BEC v.8.1

  • iOS 10 backup analysis supported
  • New ICQ 10 supported
  • Android Touch app supported
  • Export of pictures and videos to LACE supported
  • Portuguese translation added

LACE integration

LACE is our partner product, powerful forensic analyzer of pictures and videos. LACE automatically categorize vast amounts of image and video data found by Evidence Center by matching to the local database of know files, dramatically reducing the time and resources required to bring a case to court. Just like Belkasoft Evidence Center Team Edition, LACE comes in a client-server configuration that allows multiple investigators and analysts to work simultaneously from their own desk on their own cases or on the same case. Results can be directly reported by LACE or exported back to Evidence Center for further analysis.

Are you current LACE customer? Claim your BEC discount. All new customers of BEC will also get discount for new LACE license.

App Analysis Improvements

  • Deleted LINE data carving improved
  • More Google Chrome cache types supported
  • LNK analysis improved, better LNK profile search
  • Applications updated to latest formats: Viber, IE10, ICQ 7, Skype, Firefox
  • Outlook recipient details extraction improved

Social Graph and Communities Detection improvements

  • Avatars (if specified in app) shown on graph for contacts
  • More convenient graph zooming and navigation implemented (using mouse wheel, mouse left click and toolbar buttons)
  • Mail counts in graph node fixed
  • Origin columns added to contacts list in graph details
  • Graph creation performance improved
  • Graph layout improved to show entities with no external communications better
  • Graphs added to BER (Belkasoft Evidence Reader) too
  • Communities detection gives more precise result

BelkaImager improvements (applies also to acquisition started from BEC)

  • Mobile device acquisition made more robust
  • Download of iCloud and Google Drive clouds made more robust
  • Non-file cloud data now stored in .belkaml format and imported into BEC when downloading finished what helps to extract and show more information
  • Google Drive authentication page now takes less time to show
  • Fixed problem with splitting by 1.5GB when no split options selected in drive imaging
  • Issues during creation of logical drive disk image fixed
  • Proper detection of iCloud two-factor authorization implemented
  • Supported download of old iCloud accounts with not accepted ToS terms ("This account needs to accept the ToS" message)

Issues fixed

  • Fixed problem of GUI freeze during long tooltip visualization
  • No more automatic start of data search inside VSC snapshots when an embedded data source added to a case (performance)
  • Incorrect duplication of property name in LNK data list fixed
  • URL reporting from Overview improved
  • About 100 other issues fixed