Belkasoft is happy to announce an upcoming release of Belkasoft X, the company's flagship digital forensics, incident response and eDiscovery product.

Major updates for v.1.14 are:

  • Running Belkasoft X in a cloud. Not only run Belkasoft X software in the cloud, but also browse and analyze Amazon S3 cloud data sources right from the Belkasoft X user interface. This means that you are no longer restricted to local data sources. This also means that several investigators can analyze the same data source at the same time with the same or different analysis options.
  • SIM-card acquisition and analysis. SIM-card acquisition, a new acquisition option, is now supported with the use of a hardware SIM-card reader (e.g., this SIM-card reader). Once the image is extracted, Belkasoft X will automatically add the image to your case and analyze it for various artifacts (i.e. contacts and SMS text messages).
  • checkm8 for iOS 16 beta. This powerful iOS acquisition method, based on the checkm8 vulnerability is updated to work with even the newest iOS 16 devices. As before, a full file system image and a keychain is acquired.

    For more, read "Checkm8 review" article and watch our webinar "Full file system iPhone acquisition with Belkasoft Evidence Center checkm8 feature"
  • Agent-based iOS acquisition update. This is a vital method, complementary to checkm8, since it works on devices that are not vulnerable to checkm8 (e.g., iPhone 11). With this latest v.1.14 update of Belkasoft X, the range of supported iOS versions was expanded to 15.0 through 15.1.1. Keychain acquisition is supported for all versions of iOS in the range of 10.3 to 14.3 and 15.0 to 15.1.1.

    For more, read "Belkasoft's agent-based iOS acquisition" article
  • Volatility integration. With this new integration, Belkasoft extends the range of supported operating systems and the volume of detail extracted from memory dumps.
  • Concordance Load file import. This new function helps our eDiscovery users to continue work in Belkasoft X for eDiscovery workflow stages that follow the Collection phase. To complete your Collection phase, export filtered files to the Concordance load file and then import this image back to a new Belkasoft X case.
  • Expanded Automation. In this new release, Belkasoft supports further analysis automation with a number of command line options. With these new options you can automate case creation, adding a data source and data analysis by specifying the case name, data source path and analysis profile. Depending upon the specific acquisition hardware or software in use it is now possible to schedule both acquisition and subsequent analysis of the acquired image.

    To remind, Belkasoft X also provides an API for analysis automation.
  • VK acquisition. VK is a popular social network in Eastern Europe. With the new version of Belkasoft X, users will be able to acquire VK cloud data such as internal chat messages for a given user, user documents, wall posts, friend lists, group lists, photos, etc.
  • Grayshift images analysis improvements. Following our new collaboration with Grayshift, a worldwide leader in mobile data acquisition, we strengthen support for parsing artifacts found inside GrayKey images. Particularly, keychain and keystore can now be mounted automatically for automatic decryption of artifacts such as Signal messenger chats. Mounting and parsing GrayKey images have also been improved by parsing additional artifacts, etc.
  • Archive processing performance and visualization improvements. Our recently introduced archive analysis feature was a huge success, and our users requested further improvements to speed up the product and make it easier to locate data originated from archives. We delivered.
  • Edit and remove Advanced filters in the File System. It is now possible to review named filters created under the File System tab and edit or delete them.
  • APK downgrade method updated for Android 12. The new Android OS version introduced some difficulties to the application downgrade method: some databases were found empty even after successful downgrade. The new Belkasoft X v.1.14 addresses this issue.

These are just some of the new functions available in Belkasoft X v.1.14. The full "what's new" list will be published on Sep 6, 2022, our planned release date.

An limited Early Access Program is available to customers having X Forensic or X Corporate editions of the product. Please request the download link using a button below. Do not have a license? Please request a live demo session with our technical specialist.

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