What's new in Belkasoft X v.1.5

Belkasoft Evidence Center X or, for short, Belkasoft X, is a new flagship Belkasoft's product for digital forensics and incident investigations.

Among the most important updates of version 1.5 of Belkasoft X are:

  • Recursive view of the File System window
  • More Google cloud forensics
  • WhatsApp downloading with QR code
  • Mounting and analysis of UFD with .DAR images inside
  • More macOS artifacts

Upgrading from previous versions of Belkasoft X to version 1.5 is free to all customers with a non-expired Software Maintenance and Support contract. Customers without a current contract can purchase it from the Customer Portal. Customers with a valid Belkasoft Evidence Center SMS, can upgrade with discounts: please contact sales@belkasoft.com for your upgrade quote.

Affordable training with optional certification is available.

More on new features

File systems and images

  • The File System window now has the Recursive view switch. Using this mode, you can instruct the product to show all files within currently selected folder (or a partition, if you selected it) and all its subfolders. A number of useful filters such as filter by file name and various file times are also available
  • Support of network located data sources (particularly, SQLite Viewer and Hex Viewer can now show network sources)
  • In the previous version we added the support for DAR images, this new version extends this support to UFD images with nested .DAR images

Cloud forensics

  • Google Sync Data download supported
  • WhatsApp data download using Web API (with a QR code)
  • Google Keep data downloading: picture attachments (png, gif, jpeg, webp), drawings for the Notes, Notes with alerts
  • Google History. The following services are supported:
    • Android
    • Chrome
    • Cloud Search
    • Daydream
    • Entertainment Space
    • Gmail
    • Google Analytics
    • Google Apps
    • Google Arts & Culture
    • Google Cloud
    • Google Developers
    • Google Home
    • Google Play Console
    • Google Play Games
    • Google Play Books
    • Google Play Market
    • Google Play Music
    • Google Play Films
    • Google Store
    • Google Assistant
    • Google Drive
    • Google Calendar
    • Google My Business
    • Google News
    • Google Lens
    • Google Translator
    • Google+
    • Guidebooks
    • Inbox
    • Socratic
    • Wing Marketplace
    • YouTube
    • Audio search
    • Voice control
    • Maps
    • Books
    • News
    • Search
    • Video search
    • Image search
    • Purchases
    • Journeys
    • Advertisement
    • Recommendations
    • Help
    • Finance
  • Also, the following info on user activity can be retrieved:
    • Page visited
    • Search made
    • Image viewed
    • Video watched
    • Video liked etc.

New artifacts

  • Skout app for iOS supported
  • macOS systeminfo supported
  • Parsing of data downloaded by Android downgrade method improved for ICQ, TikTok, OneDrive and VK

Issues fixed

  • A number of scaling issues fixed when changing font size on the fly
  • Slider click area increased to the full height of the control
  • Fixed: Gallery stops loading thumbnails when re-adding the same data source
  • Multiple fixes for the Android downgrade acquisition
  • Fixed: Incorrect parsing of downloaded WhatsApp backup
  • Fixed: OK and Cancel buttons shown instead of Close on Picture Viewer. Esc button now closes the viewer
  • Fixed: Check for updates always shows 'Available' on the Home screen
  • Fixed: Evidence Reader: Search does not work if path contains non-Latin letters
  • Fixed: Error exporting downloaded files from Search Results tab