What's new in Belkasoft X v.1.6

Belkasoft Evidence Center X or, for short, Belkasoft X, is a new flagship Belkasoft's product for digital forensics and incident investigations.

Among the most important updates of version 1.6 of Belkasoft X are:

  • Wickr Me decryption and analysis for all platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux
  • iOS agent-based acquisition for iOS 14
  • APK downgrade for Firefox, Puffin, TikTok, OneDrive and ICQ
  • Possibility to select video stream to play in the Media player
  • Support for images of the newly released Belkasoft R[emote Acquisition] product


Upgrading from previous versions of Belkasoft X to version 1.6 is free to all customers with a non-expired Software Maintenance and Support contract. Customers without a current contract can purchase it from the Customer Portal. Customers with a valid Belkasoft Evidence Center SMS, can upgrade with discounts: please contact sales@belkasoft.com for your upgrade quote.

Affordable training with optional certification is available.

More on new features

Mobile Forensics

  • iOS
    • Wickr Me decryption and analysis supported
    • iOS agent-based acquisition for iOS 14 added (now without any third-party code what caused the removal from one of the previous versions). Now, you can acquire full file system image for iOS versions 14.0-14.3
    • checkm8-based iPad acquisition improved
    • Slack app supported
    • Snapchat improved for TSAF-based version
    • Errors handling during WhatsApp QR code-based acquisition improved
    • Instagram analysis updated to the most recent version of the app
  • Android
    • Wickr Me decryption and analysis supported
    • APK downgrade method: Firefox, Puffin, TikTok, OneDrive and ICQ apps added
    • APK downgrade method improved to properly operate with multi-part applications
    • Tox, Kate Mobile, Puffin and Firefox analysis updated to the most recent version of an app
    • WhatsApp database decryption based on the encryption key, generated with use of owner's SIM card, implemented

User interface

  • You can now select which video stream to play in the Media Player, for videos having more than one video stream. The player shows the presence of multiple video streams more clearly
  • Summary presentation of selected analysis options on the Review page improved
  • Better prerequisites validation added before the iOS agent acquisition start
  • Default acquisition target folder changed to the case folder
  • 'Next' button is now not accessible whilst Qualcomm acquisition if a device is not switched to the EDL mode

Support for Belkasoft R

Belkasoft R is our new product for remote acquisition of computers and mobile devices. Upon a successful acquisition of an image, you can add it to the Belkasoft X case to analyze.

Indexing and search

A number of improvements implemented to handle special symbols and regular expressions. Particularly, indexing of numeric expressions improved: before, if a word began with a digit, the first letter in the word would be considered as a separator, now it is not. 'Non-alphabetic' characters like # _ & - + etc. are now indexed, too, which allows you to search for compound words (like 'H&M' or 'rock-n-roll') and complex passwords, as well as allows more widespread use of regular expression searches.

Smaller improvements

  • Product not closing under some circumstances: fixed
  • Problem in a cloud downloading task cancellation fixed: after canceling the task 'Downloading cloud data', it now stops successfully
  • Android's TikTok profile owner Nick and ID extraction fixed
  • Android's IMO calls extraction fixed
  • A number of problems in the Windows Internet Explorer data decryption fixed
  • Google Drive acquisition errors during two-step verification fixed
  • Plist Viewer is improved to handle macOS images
  • Video player now opens much quicker
  • Decryption of the Windows Chrome data with domain-based users fixed
  • App hang during the Connection Graph loading after 'Hide node' click fixed
  • 'Apply' button behavior fixed on the Settings window
  • Unclear error window in case of the unavailable server whilst checking for the product updates fixed
  • More responsive navigation in the File System viewer
  • Bookmark deletion fixed
  • iCloud data downloader updated
  • Zello false positive profiles eliminated
  • macOS users data parsing improved
  • File counts improved with the Recursive view in the File System