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Belkasoft offers a self-paced course Remote Acquisition with Belkasoft. The course is designed for those who would like to learn the latest techniques and best practices for effectively acquiring critical data from remote endpoints. This course will cover some of the most time-tested, proven and necessary activities, such as configuring a server, deploying an agent to an endpoint, and effective ways to acquire data. Participants will gain hands-on experience in using Belkasoft products for remote acquisition and further data analysis.

We know how valuable your time is and how difficult it is to plan. This is why we prepared a course where you study in a safe, comfortable environment and at times that are convenient for you.

This course materials can be accessed online anytime from November 14th to December 13th 2022.

In this training, you will learn

  • How to configure a Belkasoft R server and what additional system tools might be useful
  • How to deploy an agent on an endpoint machine, depending on the network configuration
  • How to acquire data from endpoints, and what acquisition types are available
  • What acquisition types are available and most effective
  • How to analyze remotely acquired data with Belkasoft X

Time to complete

3-4 hours minimum, though can take up to a few days depending on time you allotted.

What does the course include?

  • Free 30-day trial license for Belkasoft R and Belkasoft X to all participants
  • Training materials including video tutorials and pre-recorded webinars, and articles
    • Training materials are conveniently divided into 5 sections
  • Practical, course elements include 22 tasks
  • Certificate of achievement (see below)

How to participate?

  • Follow Belkasoft LinkedIn group. The course is free only to our group followers, others are welcome to access it at a small fee
  • Complete the form below to reserve your spot
    • Please provide a valid professional email (students: please use your University/College email)
    • Our team will review your request and email your training link
    • Note: If you do not receive an email from Belkasoft within 3 business days or have any questions, please contact us at
  • If you do not already have both Belkasoft X and Belkasoft R licenses, you may request your trials at
    • Please add 'Remote Acquisition Self-Paced Course' in the Comment field
  • Be sure to download and install Belkasoft R and Belkasoft X before starting your course training

Certificate of achievement

  • The certificate of achievement is provided to those with a high score
  • You have to be a Belkasoft LinkedIn group follower by the time of the certificate issuing, otherwise it is not provided
  • BONUS: Certificate recipients' will receive a discount towards their next Belkasoft purchase


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