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USB Dongle

Floating license of Belkasoft Evidence Center comes with a USB dongle.
This licensing option allows to run Belkasoft Evidence Center on multiple machines.
We recommend to select this option if there will be more than one user to work with the product, or if a single user needs to run Evidence Center on different computers.


Portable version is perfect for use in the field as it requires no installation and runs from a thumb drive.
Please select this option if you need to use the product outside the office more than inside (i.e. at a crime scene).


Network license comes with a network dongle and a few additional USB dongles.
It allows unlimited amount of workplace installations and certain amount of concurrent connections. Investigators could also use additional USB dongles and work offline or go into the field.
Product configuration includes 3 additional modules: Office documents and SQLite Viewer, Mobile device analysis and File system explorer.
We recommend this option for medium and large organizations and departments.

Please choose additional analytical modules

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Office documents and SQLite Viewer

Belkasoft Evidence Center supports all major electronic document formats: Microsoft Office (docx, xlsx, pptx, and others), Open Office, PDF, CSV.

SQLite databases are a valuable source of information, as many desktop and mobile apps store data in this format (Chrome, Firefox, Skype, WhatsApp, and hundreds more).
Belkasoft Evidence Center offers one of the most powerful tools for forensic analysis of SQLite databases - SQLite Viewer.
SQLite Viewer allows you to open and review the database contents, including deleted, damaged, uncommitted records, and records from unallocated space inside SQLite databases.

Mobile device analysis

Belkasoft Evidence Center is perfectly equipped to perform examination of both computer and mobile devices.

With this module, the product finds and analyzes more than 100 different kinds of artifacts in Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. Among those artifacts: calls and messages, messenger apps (for example: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Kik, Telegram, Whisper, QQ, WeChat), social media apps (for example: Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, VK), online payment systems and wallets, browsers, and more.

Supported formats: mobile device backups, UFED images, JTAG and chip-off dumps.

File system explorer

File System module is designed to allow you to perform an even more thorough low-level forensic analysis.

This module allows you to view and navigate through all folders and files within a data source added to your case, including hidden, deleted and special system files and folders, for example, $OrphanFiles or $Extends.
You can browse any mobile or computer file system. Any chosen file contents can be then inspected in convenient Hex Viewer window.
Moreover, you can select any file or folder from within File System Explorer window and copy recursively from an image or mobile phone dump to your local machine.

Photo forgery detection module (powered by SMTDP)

Forgery Detection plugin can reliably detect forged and tampered photos among the thousands of files available on a computer.

A unique feature of this plugin is the ability to detect manipulated images based on analysis of JPEG compression and quantization artifacts. The plugin offers reliable detection of images and videos that were edited, modified or manipulated on a PC after they've been taken with still or video camera. The tool produces a concise estimate of the image's authenticity, and clearly displays the probability of the image being forged on a scale of 1-100.

Decryption module (powered by Passware)

While Belkasoft Evidence Center is capable of detecting more than 200 kinds of encrypted files and volumes, seamlessly integrated Decryption Module by Passware allows you to successfully decrypt protected items and extract their contents - all from within product's interface.

Equipped with Decryption Module, Evidence Center will be able to discover and decrypt: numerous formats of documents, RAR and ZIP archives, Quickbooks, iTunes backups, and much more. Thanks to complete integration between Belkasoft Evidence Center and Passware Kit Forensic, decryption can be performed within Evidence Center by simply clicking one button. This feature eases the investigation process significantly, as it allows you to examine decrypted data immediately using Evidence Center's powerful analytical capabilities.

Please choose acquisition modules

Computer Acquisition Module (hardware powered by Atola)

Belkasoft Evidence Center with Acquisition Module covers the complete investigation cycle from the acquisition stage to evidence discovery, analysis, and reporting. It comes with everything you need to acquire a running PC, including tools for capturing memory dumps, imaging hard drives and acquiring USB devices. During the analytical stage, you can discover existing, hidden and destroyed evidence, analyze data, and perform a comprehensive investigation.

The module features:
  • Portable RAM acquisition tool (USB pen drive with pre-installed kernel-mode memory dumping software)
  • Hard drive imaging hardware and software supporting SATA/IDE/SSD/USB storage media (Atola Insight Forensic powered by Atola)
  • Handy portable software tool for evidence sharing and archiving

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