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Appearance settings

The following appearance settings are available:

  • Language. There are a number of languages supported. If you found your language, excellent, choose it and press OK. If you did not find your language and wish to volunteer to help us translate the product, let us know.

    Note: the user interface language also affects language of generated reports

  • Font size. The ability to customize the font size in the interface. You can set your own font scale from 50% to 150% depending on your screen settings and the size of the system fonts. This is the second feature of the product (along with the dark theme) that reduces the strain on your eyes. Belkasoft takes care of your health!
  • Theme. You can choose between Light or Dark themes. The changes will be applied after restarting the product. Take a minute to try the Dark one, you might like it!
  • Date format and Time format. These fields help to specify date and time formats to be used in the product user interface and reports. Date formats vary from country to country. Some put month before date, some put the day before the month, and still others put the year in front. Also, countries differ in time format. Some use the am/pm, others use 24-hour time format and so on. You can select any one of many predefined formats from a list.
  • Default encoding. Some applications used only in one country or a region store their data in local encodings, such as, Shift-JIS, rather than Unicode or UTF8. Though you can always specify encodings for them using Encoding context menu for the application profile node. It is more convenient to specify the default encoding once in settings.

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