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Belkasoft, a global leader in digital forensics technology for device and data acquisition, has teamed with Semantics 21 the most trusted provider of victim identification products around the world.

Let us work together to protect every child and bring perpetrators to justice!


Global leaders in their respective fields of victim identification and digital forensics, Semantics 21 and Belkasoft have partnered to bring you BelkaS21.


BelkaS21 combines the intensive digital forensic software of Belkasoft X Forensic edition with the world’s most advanced categorization and victim identification solution, Semantics 21 LASERi-X.


Find the most forensically significant artifacts quickly and automatically identify and categorize CSAM with BelkaS21.


Acquire digital evidence from ALL major sources—Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual machines, mobile devices, RAM and cloud services and export for victim identification with Belkasoft X Forensic edition.


In partnership with the ‘Five Eyes’ Nations the multi-national intelligence alliance between Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Protect your team and yourself by monitoring the exposure levels and mental wellbeing of your staff who review child sexual abuse material in LASERi-X.


Including the ever-evolving and biggest CSAM intelligence database in the world (1.3 billion hashes and counting)—S21 Global Alliance Database for CSAM and victim identification.

Unparalleled speed

BelkaS21 Features


  • Worldwide offices in the USA and Europe
  • World's Top-3 DFIR tool per Forensic 4:cast Awards
  • Customers in over 130 countries
  • Trusted by intelligence communities and law enforcement


  • The global leader in victim identification
  • The world's largest CSAM and Victim identification intelligence database
  • Protect and prioritize investigator mental wellbeing
  • Leaders in AI (categorization and identification)

Belkasoft X Forensic

  • Natively export artifacts to the S21 format
  • Acquire artifacts from ALL major sources—Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual machines, mobile devices, RAM and cloud services
  • Most efficient use of hardware and processing power
  • Unattended automation and multi-tasking to complete your investigations more quickly


  • Import acquired artifacts in minutes, not hours
  • Corrupt image and video recovery
  • Flexible intelligence databasing (including blockhashing)
  • Groundbreaking Artifical Intelligence (AI)

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Bundle contents

Belkasoft Evidence Center X Forensic Edition

Belkasoft X is the complete solution for conducting in-depth investigations on all types of digital media devices and data sources, including computers, mobile devices, RAM and cloud services. It is an irreplaceable analytical tool for digital forensic laboratories of federal law enforcement agencies and state-level police departments.

  • Acquire data from Windows, Mac, Linux, Virtual machines, mobile devices, RAM and cloud services
  • Use multiple sophisticated acquisition methods to extract more data from smart devices
  • Access devices encrypted with whole device encryption (WDE), such as APFS, Bitlocker, TrueCrypt and others

Semantics 21 LASERi-X

Automatically identify and categorize CSAM using the most advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine for filtering child sexual abuse images and videos, based on the indecency of their content.

  • Facial analysis (age, ID, gender and emotion)
  • Image and Video Auto-categorizer (CSAM, Indicative, Adult pornography, Other)
  • Object and Scene recognition (weapons, drugs, extremist imagery, up skirting, bedroom, toilet, outdoors, etc)
  • Assisted victim identification by advanced AI
  • Motion and audio analysis
  • Imagery enhancement

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