With many thousands applications, hundreds of data types, and the abundance of file formats one can be easily lost. What data to look for, and where to search for it? And how to make sure you have not missed something important?

In this presentation you will learn methods, techniques, and tricks, allowing you to discover the most types of evidence in just a few clicks. You will get acquainted with Belkasoft DFIR Platform, the set of highly integrated DFIR tools by Belkasoft, and learn how to use these tools to accelerate your investigation.

The following topics will be covered during the training session:

  • What is Belkasoft DFIR Platform and how to gather more evidence with Belkasoft
  • Stages of digital forensic investigation and Belkasoft Evidence Center X usage during an investigation
  • What type of acquisitions, file systems, and artifacts are supported by Belkasoft X
  • New Belkasoft products (Belkasoft T, N, R): the key features and use cases
  • Hands-on demonstration of the products and the main workflow

The webinar will take place on January 13.

Two time slots are available to suit most timezones around the globe:
1. 10am CET (Berlin) / 5pm (Singapore) / 8pm (Sydney)
2. 9am PST (Los Angeles) / 12pm EST (New York) / 2pm (Rio de Janeiro)

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