Belkasoft X has been tested on multiple hardware configurations ranging from high-end to low-end systems, and has proven to work well even on older laptops. Depending on your budget, selecting the best hardware configuration will allow to achieve the best performance. Below, we give high-end configuration advice as well as affordable hardware advice for organizations with tight budgets.

Other Belkasoft products (Belkasoft R, T and N) can effectively be used on any hardware with a compatible version of Windows.

Belkalyzer: the best high-end hardware configuration

Belkalyzer is a powerful processing engine assembled by our partner mh Service specifically to be used for Belkasoft X. The company thoroughly tested Belkasoft X in different configurations and found the following processing engine to be a perfect balance between performance and cost:

  • CPU: High-end 16-core Intel i9
  • 128 Gb of RAM
  • Liquid cooling
  • High-end SSD
  • Optional integrated write-blocker device

You can find more information on the partner website.

Best affordable hardware configuration

Below you can find a hardware configuration, which can work with smaller cases, with smaller data sources:

  • 4-core i7 processor with hyperthreading
  • 16 Gb of RAM (per each instance of the product)
  • SSD drive as a system disk and big magnetic drive for case data (1Tb or larger)

General hardware advice

  • The more processors/cores/RAM/disk storage, naturally the better
  • Note, that for high-end stations it is recommended to have at least 2Gb of RAM per each core to be used by Belkasoft X. For example, if you have 48 processors with hyperthreading and decide to allow 40 of them to use by the product, you should have at least 80Gb of RAM
  • You can restrict CPU and memory consumption by the product with the Settings tab

The recommended operating system is Windows 10.