Fast Detection of Mobile Malware and Spyware with Belkasoft

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Over the past several years there has been a rapid increase in the number of mobile devices with mobile malware and spyware installed on them. Who could be behind this? It could be a jealous partner suspecting their spouse of being unfaithful. It could be a business partner trying to catch their suspected associate red-handed. It could be hackers trying to steal money. Belkasoft Evidence Center has a feature that allows to quickly detect mobile malware or spyware installed on a smartphone. This article is focused on this very feature.

Signs indicating malware or spyware

There are a number of signs leading to suspicion that a phone has malware or spyware installed on it:

  • Mobile malware and spyware may considerably reduce the performance of a mobile device: applications will be slow to open; you will have to click on a contact several times before the call comes through; you cannot immediately slide the icon to reply to an incoming call, etc.
  • Strong echo is present during calls.
  • The smartphone battery runs low faster than usual.
  • Internet traffic usage increases.
  • A new application appearing on the list: sometimes you may find an unknown application icon on the smartphone’s home screen.
  • If the device has the data transfer icon that uses arrows to indicate data being transferred via the Internet, you may notice that this icon is activated during calls, while receiving SMSes and so on.

Detecting mobile malware and spyware with Belkasoft

There are several steps that help detection of malware and spyware with Belkasoft.

  1. Create a physical dump or a mobile backup of the mobile device.
  2. Analyze the data extracted from the physical dump or mobile backup of the mobile device.
  3. Perform an additional analysis for malware and spyware.

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Igor Mikhailov © Belkasoft Research