Webinar: Android acquisition methods with Belkasoft X

Unlike iOS, Android is available in a large number of versions, the mobile platform is evolving rapidly and is installed on devices manufactured by numerous vendors. These facts make data stored on Android devices hard to extract for a further analysis.

During this webinar you will learn which acquisition methods can be used by digital forensic investigators, when they have to deal with Android devices during an investigation. You will also find out, which of Android acquisition techniques are available in a digital forensic and incident response tool Belkasoft X.

The following topics will be covered during the webinar:

  • Key challenges of Android acquisition
  • Android acquisition methods available on the market
  • Android acquisition methods in Belkasoft X, including:
    • data extraction from MTK-, Qualcomm- and Spreadtrum-based devices
    • Android screen capture method
    • APK downgrade support
    • MTK acquisition method
    • and even more...

Read more about different acquisition methods in Belkasoft X at https://belkasoft.com/mobile_acquisition