Webinar: How Belkasoft X can help you to deal with locked iPhones?

Nowadays most of the smartphone users prefer to lock their devices by means of various security techniques, like passcodes, biometrics, etc.

Therefore, it is a usual situation nowadays that a digital forensic examiner has to deal with locked smartphones. That is why one of the challenges an examiner comes across during an investigation is inability to access data stored on a smartphone.

During this webinar we will discuss various methods allowing data acquisition from locked iPhones and available in the recently released Belkasoft Evidence Center X, an easy-to-use and powerful digital forensics and incident response solution which simplifies and accelerates a digital investigation workflow.

The following topics will be covered during this webinar:

  • The newly released Belkasoft Evidence Center X
  • Features available in the product to deal with locked iPhones: a checkm8-based acquisition and bypassing USB restricted mode
  • In addition, we will compare the amount of data extracted from locked and unlocked iDevices