Webinar: Collect and Review Cloud Artifacts with Belkasoft

Cloud computing transformed the IT industry and impacted digital forensics in multiple ways. So when investigators need to reveal the ways that a digital crime took place over the cloud, this area is known as cloud forensics. Issues and challenges faced in traditional digital forensics are different to the ones of cloud forensics.

First and probably most challenging, data acquisition is a little more complicated, as investigator might need to download not only the image of a virtual machine, for examples, but a server side image as well. Another issue involves the legal process, so an investigator should be aware of the rules of seizure, privacy, in each country that hosts data that will be retrieved.

During this webinar, we will discuss:

  • What kind of challenges experts face when they deal with the cloud during investigations
  • What is available for acquisition and analysis in Belkasoft X
  • How a digital forensic investigation involving cloud artifacts can be accelerated with Belkasoft X