Webinar: Instagram and TikTok Forensics with Belkasoft

The use of social media has become a new lifestyle trend in modern society. On one hand, social media provides a variety of benefits for users, including building connections, delivering news, and sharing daily activities. On the other hand, social media can be misused to commit crimes, including cyberbullying, child grooming, buying and selling drugs, etc. Information uploaded on social media can be made into consideration for investigations in finding evidence of crimes.

During this webinar we will discuss two social media apps available on iOS and Android—Instagram and TikTok. Both Instagram and TikTok are quite popular social media networks mostly among young users with the age range from 18 to 29.

Instagram allows its users to interact through uploaded photos, videos, and direct messages/chat threads. Apps are used by approximately 30% of mobile phone users in the world according to Pew Research Center.

As for the TikTok app, it became a real phenomenon with the astounding growth by reaching 1.5 billion users in 2019. It is a social media video app for creating and sharing short lip-syncing.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • What kind of artifacts can be extracted and analyzed from Instagram on Android and iOS
  • What kind of artifacts can be extracted and analyzed from TikTok on Android and iOS
  • We will also demonstrate how you can analyze both apps with Belkasoft X