Webinar: Media files forensics with Belkasoft X

The volume of multimedia data modern devices store today is so immense that it makes next to impossible to go through all the pictures, listen to the audio files and watch all the videos without any automation.

As a result in the course of a digital forensic investigation or an incident response case, an examiner may need to analyze thousands if not millions of images, videos and audio files, to find just one or a dozen of those, which need attention.

To cope even with the most complicated situations of extraction and analysis of audio and video files, along with pictures, investigators need a tool to facilitate search for various artifacts and info hidden inside.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How you can automate audio, picture and video files investigations with Belkasoft X
  • What kind of features Belkasoft X provides to investigators to make the analysis of multimedia files easier
  • What are the keyframes captured from video files? And how using it can help forensic examiners to speed up an investigation process?
  • Which data can be extracted from image files for the further investigation?
  • How you can use hash sets to find illegal content inside photos and videos