Webinar: Forensic acquisition and analysis of Twitter apps on iOS and Android

Twitter is the most popular microblogging platform described as SMS of the Internet and has more than 192 million daily active users. It plays a central role in how we communicate and how news is spread. The platform allows users to connect with other people and share their thoughts with a large audience via tweets, fleets and retweets.

Due to the extensive use of Twitter, there is a surge in cybercrimes such as cyberbullying, cyberstalking, cryptocurrency scams, account takeovers. Digital examiners often come across the Twitter app as a part of the investigation. That is why it becomes necessary to understand, where the most valuable Twitter artifacts like chats and media files are stored on the mobile devices.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Which extraction methods are available to get Twitter data in general and in Belkasoft X specifically
  • Which valuable artifacts can be extracted on iOS- and Android-based devices
  • Where Twitter stores them

And we will demonstrate what you can do with Belkasoft X to get and analyze Twitter data acquired from iOS and Android devices.