Webinar: USB Forensics with Belkasoft

Stealing business or military secrets is a thing that attracts a lot of resources from both attackers and defenders. Since Internet traffic is more or less covered by techniques, like DLP tools (or by just disconnected important machines from the Internet), the most popular way to steal confidential or sensitive data is by employing a USB device.

During this webinar we will discuss artifacts leftover plugging in USB devices to Windows computers or laptops, and how to extract and analyze them.

These key topics will be covered in the webinar:

  • Where to find traces of plugging in USB devices
  • The listing of USB devices
  • How to get the volume name and drive letter
  • Determining the first and last connection time
  • Who was the user plugged into the device?

This webinar will be useful to digital forensic investigators working in Law Enforcement organizations as well as to incident responders from Corporates.