Webinar: WhatsApp Forensics with Belkasoft Evidence Center

WhatsApp with its almost 2 billion users all over the world is one of the most popular chat apps.

Since its release more than 10 years ago, WhatsApp introduced applications for all mobile operating systems (Android, BlackBerry OS, Windows Phone, and others), as well as web client and the desktop application.

In the last few years, WhatsApp implemented new features like end-to-end encryption, which made decryption of intercepted messages over the air practically impossible. It turned to be an issue for law enforcements and police, as they had to find new methods and workarounds helping them to obtain suspects’ communications history.

During this webinar you will have an opportunity to understand:

  • How WhatsApp works, why it is so difficult to extract WhatsApp data
  • Where to find WhatsApp artifacts on smartphones and computers
  • What valuable WhatsApp artifacts can be extracted in an investigation
  • All the ways of extracting WhatsApp data from users’ smartphones and computers