Belkasoft X Help Contents

When Belkasoft X uses the Internet

Belkasoft X is able to function without an Internet connection. When Belkasoft X does operate offline, some functions are unavailable. These are the defined and well-known cases when or for which Belkasoft X requires an Internet connection:

  • When Belkasoft X starts, Windows automatically checks its code-sign certificate and initiates a standard OCSP call to find out whether the X.509 certificate is revoked. Windows is responsible for this process. The task is performed because Belkasoft X is signed with a known publisher certificate. When you block this connection, nothing bad happens
  • To check memory processes and files with VirusTotal, Belkasoft X needs the Internet to access
  • To view geolocations on Open Street Maps, Belkasoft X needs the Internet to connect to Open Street website involved
  • To acquire cloud data, Belkasoft X needs the Internet to connect to the cloud server involved
  • Belkasoft X uses the Internet to check for updates—if you choose to check for updates automatically
  • Belkasoft X uses the Internet for the one-time activation—when you first run the trial version or buy a product with a fixed license. The dongle license does not require the Internet for the activation
  • When you click on a tutorial on the Home window, Belkasoft X sends the link to your web browser, which then loads the video on YouTube using your Internet connection

In general, at any time, you can configure your firewall to block connections for Belkasoft X or allow all or some of them. Alternatively, you can set up a disconnected virtual machine and run Belkasoft X inside it.