Belkasoft is happy to announce an upcoming release of Belkasoft X, the company's flagship digital forensics, incident response and eDiscovery product.

The webinar will cover major updates for v1.14:

  • Running Belkasoft X in a cloud and analyzing images directly from a cloud
  • Acquiring full-file system image and keychain from iOS 16 beta devices with checkm8 method
  • Agent-based iOS acquisition update for iOS 15
  • SIM-card acquisition and analysis
  • Volatility integration
  • Concordance Load file import and improved filter management for eDiscovery analysis
  • Expanded Automation
  • VK cloud acquisition
  • Analysis improvements for GrayKey images
  • Archive processing performance and visualization improvements
  • APK downgrade method updated for Android 12
  • New and updated artifacts for mobile and computer sources (including new versions of WhatsApp, Gmail, LinkedIn and other apps)

Your host is Belkasoft CEO, Yuri Gubanov, who is a frequent speaker at industry-known conferences such as HTCIA, EnFuse/CEIC, FT-Day, CAC, CACP, ICDDF, and others.

The webinar will take place on September 28.

Two time slots are available to suit most timezones around the globe:
1. 11am CEST (Berlin) / 5pm (Singapore) / 7pm (Sydney)
2. 10am PDT (Los Angeles) / 1pm EDT (New York) / 2pm (Rio de Janeiro)

Please sign up below.

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