Belkasoft 2023 Recap

In 2023, Belkasoft continued its evolution and company growth through notable advancements in technology, a heightened focus on customer appreciation, and dedicated educational initiatives.


  • We delivered four major releases of our flagship product Belkasoft X, introducing a number of noteworthy features, among them:
    • Brand new drone and car forensics
    • Migration to the PostgreSQL database engine for improved performance
    • Analysis of data sources stored in Amazon S3
    • Multiple improvements in the automation features that help digital forensic labs streamline their work and manage increasing volumes of data sources, which is offered completely free—it is a part of the Belkasoft X license.
  • We added two new products to the collection of free Belkasoft tools:
    • iOS passcode brute-force product, which was downloaded by 1442 investigators from law enforcement agencies all over the world
    • Belkasoft Triage that helps quickly detect and obtain forensically important data stored in RAM and on hard drives of Windows machines.
  • The Belkasoft R&D team finalized its intensive 2023 development work with a substantial update of Belkasoft Remote Acquisition, improving product stability and ease of use.


  • The Belkasoft team produced four free on-demand courses! The count of participants in the last course on iOS forensics reached over 5000
  • We published 24 articles covering popular digital forensic artifacts and handy features
  • We conducted and shared the insightful results of two surveys: Industry research and Customer challenges.

Worldwide Events

  • We rocked the Wilmington Techno Security conference! Our coin collection challenge stole the spotlight and got everyone talking. Our team ran four tracks of lectures and workshops—in computer, mobile, SQLite forensics, and cyber incident response. For attending sessions in those tracks, our visitors received thematic coins and could collect an entire rack by the end of the conference. Each wooden rack itself was a piece of art, handmade by one of Belkasoft designers.
  • Belkasoft CEO, Yuri Gubanov gave highly appreciated presentations at a few events, including the Interpol Digital Forensics Expert Group in Malaysia, the Interpol Car Forensics conference in Italy, and others.
  • The Asian Belkasoft Authorized Training Partner certification for our DFIR ambassadors took place in Kuala Lumpur. We can now have a better reach to our Law Enforcement custodians in helping them make this world a safer place with Belkasoft.


  • Belkasoft has achieved yet another milestone—more than 800 universities worldwide now use our products. We are committed to aiding investigators in overcoming today's challenges, and we also responsibly support today's students through our Academic Program.
  • Belkasoft got a record-breaking number of nominations in the Forensic 4:cast Awards—in 2023 we got as many as 7 nominations and made it to the final with other top-3 vendors as
    • DFIR Commercial Product of the Year
    • DFIR Team of the Year
    • DFIR CTF of the Year
    Belkasoft CEO was nominated in the final as
    • Social media contributor
    • DFIR Mentor

Every peak achieved and every effort made became a reality thanks to you. We hope to have your trust and support in 2024 as well. Happy holidays!

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