Belkasoft Triage Is Now Free!

Belkasoft are delighted to announce that you can now enhance your digital forensics or cyber incident response toolkit with one of Belkasoft’s premier products, completely free of charge.

Belkasoft T is your indispensable tool for triaging Windows machines. It enables you to quickly detect and obtain forensically important data stored in RAM and on hard drives in time-sensitive situations.

Here is why you need Belkasoft T:

  • Precision: The tool can identify 1500+ application profiles, detect nested resources like virtual machines and mobile backups, perform hashset analysis, find explicit images, and more
  • Efficiency: Detect specific data presence in mere minutes and only obtain the parts you are interested in
  • Effortless use: No specialized knowledge is required, making it user-friendly for both digital forensics examiners and first responders
  • Portable convenience: Skip the installation hassle; run it directly from a thumb drive
  • Seamless integration: Images acquired with Belkasoft T can be seamlessly analyzed in Belkasoft X and other tools

If you are as excited to use it as we are to release it, request your free download now and elevate your investigative capabilities.