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Bookmarks pane

At the top of this pane, you can see Bookmarks node followed by the number of bookmarks in parenthesis. Child nodes of this parent node are bookmarks, each are followed by the number of bookmarked artifacts in parenthesis. Also, under any bookmark node there are artifact types, such as Instant Messengers, Mailboxes, Pictures, and so forth. Note that a bookmark can contain multiple items and can contain items of different types:

If you right click on a bookmark, a context menu will be open with the following items:

  • Edit bookmark. Belkasoft X brings up the Edit bookmark window to allow you make changes to the selected bookmark.
  • Copy files to folder… This menu item will copy all bookmarked files (if any) to a selected folder on your host machine. This is useful when you are bookmarking documents, pictures or other file-based artifacts.
  • Create report… This menu will create a report for a selected bookmark (or all bookmarks being chosen for the top-level node). Note that since a bookmark can contain artifacts of different types, several report files may be created.
  • Delete. This menu will delete a chosen bookmark, effectively un-bookmarking all previously bookmarked artifacts.

The Edit bookmark allows you to change the bookmark name and/or to change the category for the bookmark.

If you right click on an artifact type, a specific context menu will be open. Its content will depend on the selected artifact type and might contain such menu items as Analyze pictures, Show on Map, etc.

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