Belkasoft X Help Contents

Forensically sound software

Belkasoft X sticks to all the guidelines and regulations that define forensically sound software.

  • Belkasoft X never tries to write on a medium under investigation. Belkasoft X is fully compatible with write-blocking devices and image files
  • Belkasoft X works under an investigator account on the investigator’s machine. Belkasoft X does not require client applications—especially those used by an individual under investigation—to be installed. For example, to retrieve an Outlook mailbox, Belkasoft X does not require you to have Outlook installed on your computer
  • Belkasoft X remains completely operational on offline computers—with a few exceptions, described in the next chapter (see 'When Belkasoft X uses the internet')
    • Dongle-based licenses do not require an Internet connection for the activation
    • Electronic (fixed) licenses can be activated offline through another machine connected to the Internet

Note: The rules (above) apply to dead-box analysis.