In 2018 Windows 10 introduced a new feature named "Timeline" which has seen enhancements in subsequent updates to the Operating System in 2018 ~ 2021. This feature acts like a browser for all your recent file and web interactions on the local computer as well as mobile devices and if enabled your additional trusted devices too. It provides a chronological view of software interactions, which not only contains the websites visited but all documents edited, the pictures you viewed as well as information of which machine it was interacted with last, most importantly the amount of time the user interacted with the item.

During this session we will take a deep dive into the artifacts this feature creates and learn how:

  • these artifacts may be used by the system and interpreted in a forensic examination
  • to deeper understand the complexities of Windows Timeline
  • to look at the SQLite database containing all the artifact
  • to understand the cloud-based synchronization issues
  • to interpret advanced SQLite queries into a more human readable format

The webinar will take place on August 26.

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This webinar will be presented by Rob Attoe. Rob is the CEO and Founder of Spyder Forensics. He has over two decades of experience developing and presenting training on Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, Mobile Forensics and eDiscovery education programs for the global digital investigations community. Having previously held the positions of Vice President of Training at Cellebrite, Senior Vice President of Global Training at Nuix and Director of Training at AccessData. He has also held positions as a Computer Crime Specialist with the National White Collar Crime Centre and with the UK's Kent Police as a Forensic Analyst.

As a long term member of the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (IACIS), Rob instructs regularly at the association's annual conferences and is a lead instructor for the Advanced Windows Forensic course as well as regularly presenting at the premier international digital forensics conferences. Rob has contributed to digital forensic publications and is a subject matter expert to various course for the ATA program managed by the State Department in the USA.

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