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X Mobile

X Mobile edition is a cost-effective solution developed specifically for investigators in local police departments, experts in small to medium consulting companies who provide digital forensic and incident response services, as well as individual customers (i.e. private investigators or digital forensic consultants). Customers who typically deal with just few cases per year involving unlocked mobile devices, and usually have limited budgets will enjoy the affordable price of X Mobile edition.

Key features of X Mobile edition:

  • Acquires images of iOS and Android devices using standard backup as well as jailbreak-related methods, lockdown files, MTP/PTP, MTK and ODIN.
  • Extracts full file system copy and keychain from iOS devices with the help of Belkasoft agent without doing a jailbreak.
  • Mounts mobile backups and third-party tool smartphone images (UFED, OFB, GrayKey iOS images), chip-off dumps, TWRP images, JTAG dumps, etc.
  • Examines and analyzes mobile artifacts—calls and messages, mailboxes, messenger apps data (WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Snapchat, WeChat, etc.), social media apps (Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc.), browsers, cryptocurrencies, and many more.
  • Uses analytical features, such as Connection Graph, Timeline, and advanced picture analysis.
  • Performs in-depth examinations into the contents of files and folders on a device with File System Explorer. Finds even more evidence with PList and SQLite Viewers.

When the Mobile Device Analysis module is installed, you can mount these data sources:

  • iTunes backups of iPhones/iPads
  • Full file system copy of jailbroken iOS devices acquired by Belkasoft X
  • GrayKey images
  • Android ADB backups
  • Android Agent backups
  • Android physical dumps
  • Android MTP/PTP dumps
  • Android MTK and Agent MTK backups
  • OFB images
  • UFED images of Androids and iPhones/iPads (excluding encrypted UFED images)
  • .DAR
  • Chip-off dumps
  • JTAG dumps
  • Blackberry IPD and BBB backups.

Belkasoft X can extract hundreds of artifacts from these iOS and Android apps:

  • Browsers
  • Chat apps
  • Email clients
  • Cloud services
  • Social network apps
  • Online map apps
  • Fitness tracker apps, such as Fitbit or Mi Fit apps
  • System data—Wi-Fi connections, connected/paired Bluetooth devices, and IP connections
  • Webmail mobile apps, such as the Gmail app, Yandex Mail app, and others
  • Popular apps, such as Uber, Tinder, Evernote, GetTaxi, Pininterest, Pokemon Go, Swarm, and others

In general, on supported mobile platforms, Belkasoft X extracts known data based on these sources/apps: calendar, calls, voice mails, contacts, installed apps, SMS, tasks, and others.

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