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X Forensic

X Forensic edition is the complete solution for conducting in-depth investigations on all types of digital media devices and data sources, including computers, mobile devices, and the cloud. Combining the functionality of X Computer and X Mobile editions with advanced features such as cloud data extraction, checkm8-based acquisition, and WDE decryption. It is an irreplaceable analytical tool for digital forensic laboratories of federal law enforcement agencies and state-level police departments.

Key features of X Forensic edition:

  • All features of X Computer and X Mobile.
  • Acquires and analyzes data from cloud sources.
  • Uses forensically sound checkm8-based acquisition to extract data from the range of iPhone devices (from iPhone 5s through iPhone X) and even from locked iPhones without a jailbreak.
  • Access devices encrypted with whole device encryption, such as APFS, Bitlocker, TrueCrypt and others.

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