Santosh Khadsare, a prominent Indian DFIR expert, reviewed Belkasoft X product.

"The 'X' factor in the Belkasoft X is its comprehensive user-friendly one-stop solution for digital forensic investigators"

It can be said that Belkasoft X is one of the most comprehensive DFIR tools available today. The tutorials on the main page is an extensive data bank for the users who are new to digital forensics and to this tool. It is a single-window to acquire, examine, analyze, and share in a forensically sound manner.

The one-stop the solution addresses RAM, computer, mobile and cloud forensics. Live RAM process analysis and registry analysis has been made very simple. The time zone feature at the start, during the case creation caught the eye as it addresses the issue of local time, which is important for timeline analysis. The ‘application types’ and ‘artifacts’ window is an interesting addition as it drills deep and assists in the investigation.

Belkasoft X makes investigations as easier as it can get and much faster saving precious time. It is one of the finest examples of addressing the problem of plenty and the problem of capacity in digital forensics investigations. It is simple, user friendly, and very addictive.

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