Belkasoft is happy to announce an upcoming release of Belkasoft X, the company's flagship digital forensics, incident response and eDiscovery product.

Major updates for v.1.15 are:

  • XFS file system support. XFS is a popular journaling file system, used by various versions of Linux. Particularly, it serves as a default file system for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. The latest release of Belkasoft X fully supports this file system, including low-level review on the File System Viewer as well as artifact parsing
  • YARA rules support. A popular request from our customers, examiners are now armed with YARA rules support within Belkasoft X Corporate edition! YARA rules enable examiners to search for malware and other items of interest using a rule-based approach, based on both text and binary patterns
  • Export to RSMF. RSMF stands for "Relativity Short Message Format" and is aimed for our eDiscovery customers. This format is useful for saving short message data, such as chats, and is now available within Belkasoft X! Examiners can now export artifacts into RSMF and Concordance format, suitable for the file-based eDiscovery export
  • Extended cloud-based image analysis. Following the huge success of the recently introduced Amazon S3 cloud support, we have improved this functionality to cover multi-part images (such as E01, Ex01, L01) as well as iTunes backups stored in the cloud. Now you can analyze both single-part and multi-part images or memory dumps, stored within an S3 bucket
  • Support for the new NIST RDSv3 hashset format. The RDSv3 is a new hashset format by NIST and is now supported by Belkasoft X, in addition to previously supported NSRL, plain hashset files, and ProjectVic sets
  • SIM-card cloning improvements. The SIM cloning feature was introduced in v.1.14 and immediately attracted attention of Belkasoft users. We have continued to improve this functionality, and in v.1.15 we introduce a more extensive cloning feature: now, the product not only copies artifacts, but actually copies all files from a SIM-card. Binary files are converted to text-based, whenever possible, simplifying your analysis
  • Download of Huawei and Telegram cloud data. These two cloud data sources have been added to the list of various clouds supported by Belkasoft X, such as iCloud, Google Suite, WhatsApp, Instagram, Office 365, VK, and multiple webmail engines
  • Volatility integration enhancements. Volatility integration is another function of Belkasoft's last release, v.1.14, which gained lots of customer interest. The updated support includes better diagnostics with improperly installed Volatility as well as some analysis improvements

These are just some of the updates available within Belkasoft X v.1.15. The full "what's new" list will be published on Nov 22, 2022, our planned release date.

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