Analyzing encrypted chat applications with Belkasoft X: Signal & WickrMe

Attend a webinar on acquisition and analysis of encrypted chat applications Signal & WickrMe with Belkasoft X.

Major crimes are perpetrated today through chat apps. In the course of our webinar, you will learn more about Signal and WickrMe chat apps, which are known for end-to-end encryption and ephemerality.

In fact, a task to extract some valuable data from these two encrypted chats seems to be hopeless for investigators. With the recently released Belkasoft X, you are able to get chat data and analyze it.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • How Signal and WickrMe work, why it is so difficult to extract data
  • Where Signal and WickrMe artifacts are located
  • What kind of valuable Signal and WickrMe artifacts can be extracted
  • Extraction methods of Signal and WickrMe data from mobile devices

Two time slots are available to suit most timezones around the globe:
1. January 19: 10am CET (Berlin) / 5pm (Singapore) / 8pm (Sydney)
2. January 20: 9am PST (Los Angeles) / 12pm EST (New York) / 2pm (Rio de Janeiro)

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